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Daily iPhone App: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective scares up some fun

I've been waiting for this one for a while. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a title that won accolades on the Nintendo DS last year, and it's now arrived on iOS in a universal version (that's free to download to boot). The idea is that you're a ghostly "phantom detective" who must solve his own ...

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Nintendo 3DS sales affected by iPod touch and iPad, says IHS iSuppli

Nintendo recently launched the 3DS, and the portable gaming device is selling strongly. Despite this burst of early sales, IHS iSuppli predicts the 3DS will not reach the high sales numbers of its predecessor, the Nintendo DS. iSuppli predicts Nintendo will sell 70 million 3DS gaming systems by 2...

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Nintendo sees Apple as bigger threat than Microsoft and Sony

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has made a point in recent keynotes to mention the fact that the iPhone and iPod touch are the world's best selling portable gaming devices, well ahead of longtime champion Nintendo. Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime has acknowledged the threat and sees Apple as a bigg...

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Puzzle Quest rated by ESRB for Macs

Our sister site Joystiq reports that Puzzle Quest, the handheld puzzle-slash-RPG sensation, has been rated by the ESRB for a Mac release. The news isn't that surprising, as Puzzle Quest has already been slated to appear on almost every platform but the Mac (although PS3 hasn't received the love ei...

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Rumor mill: Nintendo licensing iPhone games

The rumors are flying about gaming giant Nintendo licensing "a limited amount of content" for the iPhone, and the rumors all seem to point back to this post over on a site called No Heat. They name no sources (of course), but they say that these Nintendo games will show up on the iTunes store at $29...

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