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No Comment: Proof that Samsung shamelessly copies Apple

We saw this image posted to Reddit after seeing it linked on Daring Fireball, and it was just too good not to share. Below you'll see a very long image that shows how extensively Samsung has copied Apple in its products, packaging, presentation, marketing, and even app interfaces. Any one of th...

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MacBook Air as kitchen utensil

The MacBook Air is thin, especially at the end of the taper. One might even say "razor thin." One user took the notion to a ridiculous extreme by using the laptop to prepare a meal, slicing shrimp, mushrooms, lettuce and other things with the Air's case. It's not the first time an Air has been u...

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No Comment: Woman buys wooden iPad

This is a completely hypothetical situation: Someone in a McDonald's parking lot says he picked up an iPad for a cheap $300, and wonders if you'd want to buy it off of him for just $180. You decide why not (because reputable salesmen always just hang around in the parking lots of fast food plac...

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No Comment: The iPhone Megaphone

We've actually seen this megaphone idea implemented before. While it's probably easiest to just go ahead and plug your iPhone in rather than trying to mechanically amplify the sound waves with a series of cones and chambers, that hasn't stopped some designers from putting together some intriguing...

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No comment: iPhone fan attachment blows (air)

If you're looking for a way to beat the heat where you live, you have many options. If every last one of those options is unavailable for some reason, you can always give this iPhone dock accessory from Cellularfactory a try. Dubbed the "Newest Cool Dock Fan Gadgets Cooler," this dock attachment ...

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No Comment: Video game systems vs. non-iPad tablets

Marco Arment posted this graph today, which shows some relative sales numbers of what he calls "obscure game consoles" (which presumably just means those outside the Microsoft/Sony/Sega/Nintendo dominion) right up against tablets which aren't the iPad. It's true -- the numbers do kind of put ...

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No Comment: Angry Birds in convenient bra form

From Etsy seller SceeneShoes comes the custom brassiere pictured above, which Technabob has dubbed "Angry Boobs." Featuring the red bird and a pig from Angry Birds, giving this US$35 creation as a gift will probably inspire either laughter or thrown objects, depending on how good a sport your s...

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Angry customers respond to fake Apple Stores

A casual blog piece about a fake Apple Store in Kunming, China went viral this week and exposed a thriving underground retail industry based on false appearances. From the inside and out, these fake Apple stores look real, but they're not. And their customers who are just now discovering the trut...

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No comment: Faux Apple Stores in China

It seems several completely unauthorized "Apple Stores" have been spotted in Kunming, China by the author of the blog BirdAbroad. While Apple's Q3 earnings call mentioned the exploding Asian market, Apple's official Apple Stores are only found in Beijing and Shanghai -- stores opened with much bal...

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No Comment: Washington State borrows Bodega's icon, with a tweak

Eagle-eyed reader Jeff spotted this icon in use over on the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries website, and it looked a little familiar to him, as a user of a certain unofficial Mac App Store app that has been around even before Apple's software distribution solution. Minus the...

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No Comment: iPad vs 300 Black Cats

iPad wrap manufacturers SlickWraps celebrated American Independence day in the most traditional manner. Blowing things up in order to sell their product. Cool pyrotechnics meeting capitalism, all in the pursuit of fun. Their video, which follows, shows the iPad (although not so much the Apple...

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No Comment: Your life in 30-second intervals with Lifelapse

Whenever we get publicity info about a new iPhone app, my personal curmudgeon radar goes to high alert if the app in question is accompanied by a precious and fashionable custom accessory. There's something about that mix of software and paraphernalia that sets my teeth on edge a bit. That's ...

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No Comment: A fruit-filled iPhone 5 that you can eat

We'd love to share another analyst's opinion about the rumored iPhone 5 and how it will launch in September, but this morning we're looking at another product launch. The folks from Top Fruit Produce gave us a different look at the hypothetical future handset. The team of creative fruit artists...

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No Comment: Summer fun goes app-crazy with iTowel

Clamura. Fishhook. Surfari, iCod and Ornery Gulls. What does every well-heeled Apple fan and beach bum need? An iTowel with the aforementioned "apps," of course. Check out the full size image here. The towel is the product of the Adventure House marketing communications firm. When it comes to...

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No Comment: Windows Phone Dictionary app icon seems eerily familiar

Who really thinks about designing a dictionary icon? They all look alike, after all, so what would be the point of creating a brand new one for your Windows Phone third-party app? Better just to pick up the one everyone likes so well and use that. Yes, as Craig Hockenberry pointed out this morn...

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