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Nokia definitely, totally, absolutely isn't copying Apple... seriously

Nokia just announced that it is going to take on the tablet market with its iPad mini competitor, the N1. Well, calling it an iPad mini competitor might be giving it a bit too much credit. A "completely original design that in no way resembles the iPad and you shouldn't even think about that becau...

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Finland prime minister blames iPad and iPhone for country's economic problems

Following a downgrade of Finland's credit rating by Standard & Poor, Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb spoke publicly about the negative rating in an interview with CNBC. During the talk, Stubb blamed Apple for part of his country's economic woes. Stubb noted that the country has "two ch...

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Nokia says they are giving iOS mapping another try

Nokia had a pretty bad experience with its Here Maps on iOS late in 2012. I reviewed the app back then and found it wanting in almost every way. Now the company tells the Wall Street Journal it's ready to try again with a new, improved navigation app for iOS. The app will come from the part of Nok...

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Apple potential acquisition of Beats Electronics and other news for May 9, 2014

In this morning's Apple news, Nokia's photography lead has moved over to Apple and a little bit of music news. Stop me if you've heard this one. The Internet exploded today with news of Apple's potential acquisition of Beats Music. Note that this is not a formally-announced deal as of this writin...

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Who needs an iPhone anyway?

This photo was taken on June 29, 2007, which -- in case you forgot -- was the date of the first iPhone's retail debut. Flickr user Tim Samoff fought the good fight with his Nokia N800, and to his credit, a cursory review of his Flickr history reveals nary a reference to, or photo of, an iPhone in ...

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Daily Update for December 27, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio podcast format. You'll hear some of the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at...

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Morning news roundup for December 27, 2013

Good morning, Apple fans. Here's a look at the news this AM. Nokia pulls Here maps app from iOS App Store. Oh, boy. A Nokia spokesperson has noted that iOS 7 harms "the user experience" of his company's app. "iPhone users can continue to use the mobile web version of Here Maps under,...

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New Nokia video targets the iPad in comically bad web ad

I get that when you're at the top of the heap, second comers are going to take shots at you. It's just part of the game. Apple itself is no stranger to this dynamic; witness the beloved Get a Mac ads which wasted no opportunity to take potshots at Windows. Lately, though, we've been privy to a nu...

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Nokia declares 'Announce a Tablet Day,' rubs elbows with Apple while teasing Samsung

While Apple's announcement of two new iPhones in September prompted the company's key competitors to launch tongue-in-cheek "attacks" on Twitter, today's iPad reveal hasn't had the same effect. In fact, rather than jump at the chance to poke fun at Apple, Nokia -- who just announced its new consum...

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How the iPhone took Nokia down

The once-mighty have fallen. Nokia's Symbian smartphone OS was, not too many years ago, the platform of choice. Now, says Daniel Eran Dilger at AppleInsider, the company is being sold off for scrap. He relates how a Finnish journalist for Helsingin Sanomat wrote a letter to the company in 2008 not...

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Microsoft buys Nokia's Devices and Services unit to control its own phone hardware

Microsoft has announced that it is buying Finnish smartphone maker Nokia's Devices and Services unit for US$7.2 billion. The deal will see Microsoft take complete control of Nokia's Devices and Services unit as well as a licensing agreement to access Nokia's mapping services and patents, and the r...

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Nokia gets catty with 925 ad parodying Apple's 'Photos Every Day' commercial

Nokia borrowed some inspiration from Microsoft's tool box today with the release of its snarky new commercial for the Lumia 925. Taking aim at Apple's "Photos Every Day" TV spot, the Lumia ad finds the company criticizing the quality of the iPhone 5's camera. The iPhone 5 shipped with an 8 megapi...

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Microsoft ad shows the Apple and Android brawl you've been waiting for

Microsoft was late to the mobile phone game and has struggled to snatch market share away from their competitors at Apple and Android. They face a big problem: every smartphone has their own selling points, but they've mostly got the same basic features. So how do you set yourself apart? A...

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Former Color employee talks about Apple's Lala deal

Aubrey Johnson is a former employee of Color, the startup recently acquired by Apple and founded by Bill Nguyen, who sold another company to Apple called Lala. Over on his personal blog, Johnson has put up a post that walks right through the story of how Apple picked up Lala, from the reasoning...

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Hands-on review of Nokia Here maps app

Nokia released HERE Maps for iOS this morning, and in baseball parlance I would call it a swing and a miss. People are eager for a viable alternative to the much maligned Apple Maps app, but HERE Maps is no holy grail. Nokia is not new to the mapping business. They own NAVTEQ, which powers a lo...

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