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Apple-Nuance deal may take root in NC datacenter

The stars appear to have aligned for the rumored Apple-Nuance deal, according to TechCrunch. The suggested strategic partnership between the Cupertino tech giant and the Burlington, MA speech-savvy software firm may find its first expression in Apple's new North Carolina data center, per the lates...

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Local TV station visits Apple's data center

A Fox affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina took a closer look at Apple's new data center in the town of Maiden. The news story and accompanying video is rife with speculation about the intended usage of this 500,000 square-foot building. Once you get past the references for Apple's supposed "...

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Apple hires Microsoft Data Center manager

You can add even more kindling to the rumor fire burning around Apple's new data center in North Carolina. AllThingsD reports that the company picked up Kevin Timmons as a new employee; he's been working as Microsoft's Manager of Data Center services since 2009. Microsoft confirmed that he left t...

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Made up predictions about Apple's NC data center from (surprise!) an analyst

photo by raneko on Flickr Friend of the blog Philip Elmer-DeWitt with Fortune Tech uncovered a gem of a note from Bernstein Research's Toni Sacconaghi wherein, after a "meeting with Apple executives," he came up with quite the sampler platter of predictions for Apple's North Carolina data cen...

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iTunes could get cloud-based backup solution

Late last year I predicted 2011 would be the year of the cloud for Apple, and so far I've been right. I said OS X Lion would be sold via the App Store, and it certainly will. Here's the other part of Apple's cloud strategy: the company is reportedly looking to use the cloud for iTunes, not as...

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Apple's North Carolina data center to go live this spring

The cloud is the future, and the future appears to be arriving this spring, as Apple's North Carolina data center is finally due to go live, according to reports from today's Apple annual shareholder meeting. The phrase "in the cloud" refers to data hosted at off-site internet-accessible facili...

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Answered questions about Apple's North Carolina data center

Much conjecture has come of the Death Star that Apple is building in North Carolina. Some suspect it will power a future streaming version of iTunes or a major update to MobileMe. The folks at Data Center Knowledge have combined the rumors with their own knowledge about these things into a single, u...

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Apple's North Carolina data center nears completion

It seems we've been discussing Apple's upcoming, massive North Carolina datacenter for a long, long time -- since around May 2009, actually. Word is that the $1 billion facility is nearing completion, meaning we'll hopefully see the fruits of Apple's labor very soon. Here's one interesting item t...

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Event streaming to stress-test new datacenter

Not much of a surprise, but nice to have some details: Cult of Mac cites a source close to Apple saying that the live stream of today's iPod event will be used to put some real-time load on Apple's new North Carolina data center. The facility isn't all the way operational quite yet, but it's appare...

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iPhone 4 launch: Line photos from Charlotte, NC

Reader David Platt is waiting in line for an iPhone 4 like so many others this morning. He sent in some photos from the South Park Apple Store in Charlotte, North Carolina. David tells us that he arrived in line at 5:30 AM and found "...a little under 1,000 people in line." Wow. When you lo...

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Location of Apple's North Carolina facility revealed

We've been following this story for a while. Apple is planning to open a massive data center in North Carolina (NC). Recently, NC offered a nice tax incentive and that sealed the deal. This week, the AP is reporting that Apple's data center will live in Maiden, NC, just 30 miles away from Google's C...

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Apple's North Carolina facility now moving towards reality

As noted last week, the lovely state of North Carolina has offered a healthy tax incentive to Apple for the construction and operation of a data center there. Now that the bill has become law -- creating $46 million in credits for Apple over the next 10 years -- Apple and the NC governor's office ha...

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First picture of the Greensboro, NC Apple Store under construction

North Carolinians can start to polish up their credit cards, as the long-awaited Greensboro Apple Store (to be located at The Shops at Friendly Center, a heck of a nice place to spend your money) is now underway. The Iconfactory's Ged Maheux was kind enough to send us this parking-lot snapshot of t...

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