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iOS notifications might be getting a jailbreak boost (Updated)

When Steve Jobs takes the stage next Monday to introduce the world to iOS 5, one of the things we're most hoping to see is an update to the notifications system -- it's a little old at this point, and we've seen some really innovative suggestions on how to spice it up. Like, for example, this d...

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iOS 5 to feature 'completely revamped' notifications, widgets

TechCrunch reports that iOS 5, expected to debut at WWDC next month, will feature a "completely revamped" notification system and widgets. Apple has long been rumored to be revamping its notifications system in iOS, and many have expected that such a notification system revamp would make its way ...

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Designer pitches concept for usable iOS notifications in video

Like many of us here in the TUAW compound, designer Andreas Hellqvist is dissatisfied with the intrusive and often downright annoying notifications system iOS 4 offers today. Like me, he expresses his distaste for iOS's notifications by turning them off in almost every app on his device. After exp...

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Weather app uses notifications to display info on home screen

One area that Apple needs to address is the iOS home screen, which uses icons and badges to display information instead of the more informative widgets used by its competitor, Android. While many apps resign themselves to this limitation, a weather app by International Travel Weather Calculator...

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5 things I want to see in iOS 5

With all the rumors that iOS 5 is going to be a major revamp, including features like digital lockers, cloud storage and AI voice control, the next version of Apple's iPhone and iPad operating system is sure to knock our socks off. It may even include things we never knew we always needed. Howe...

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Boxcar Beta for Mac available, brings notifications to Mac

Today brings a delightful surprise for Mac users with Boxcar joining the Mac family. Boxcar has been the standard for getting push notifications from your social networks, email, RSS and other services on iOS devices since it launched in July of 2009, and it has been one of my favorite iPhone a...

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Apple to redesign iOS notification system

Cult of Mac is reporting that Apple is planning a revamp to its iOS notification system. iOS's current notification system, which is used for everything from text messages to push notifications, has remained virtually unchanged since the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007. The current notif...

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Boxcar 4.0 vastly improves on iPhone notifications

While people who have used both iOS and Android devices will argue over which OS exhibits a greater degree of polish, Android definitely has the better notification system. Even the addition of multitasking to iOS 4 did little to improve the state of notifications on iOS devices compared to Android....

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TUAW Giveaway: Bugger puts repeated reminders in your pocket

Given the number of things you have to keep track of in a day, sometimes a simple task manager -- the kind that reminds you once and then waits until the next day to tickle you again -- doesn't seem adequate. If you wish you had a snooze button for your tasks, maybe Bugger (US$0.99) is worth a look....

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Multitasking in iOS 4 is not a magical sparkle pony

As we wait for iOS4 to be released, I think it's important to try to help folks keep reasonable expectations for what iOS 4 will and won't do, especially as it relates to "multitasking." Apple has to take some of the blame for this hype, especially when it's listed as the #1 feature of iOS 4, sayin...

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Track an iPad from Shenzhen to you

There's a fun post at Silicon Alley Insider today that traces an iPad's journey from China to the customer's home. By monitoring Twitter and tracking reports, Nick Saint has assembled an iPad's typical journey to the US. It starts at the infamous Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. That's the "i...

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What's missing from the iPad

All in all, the iPad turned in a pretty exciting product debut. I don't think Apple will have any trouble selling these things, and it can't be a very good day in Amazon, Sony or Barnes and Noble's executive suites. While all the final info is not out yet, there were a few major omissions from th...

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Get your current weather from Outside

Outside [iTunes link] is a new, personal weather app for the iPhone/iPod touch that provides a visual forecast with some paid options for push notifications. I like the idea of the app; it has some nice graphics and a fresh approach to weather information. The GUI is based on a metaphor of looking o...

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Get your notifications: experimental Mac app from Facebook

Mac-using Facebook fans are going to be happy to learn about Facebook's experimental Desktop Notifications app. Desktop Notifications sits in the menu bar, and pops up notifications (using Growl if you have it) when they occur. It also gives you quick access to your news feed, profile page, and quic...

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Apple approved Gmail app for iPhone. Has hell frozen over?

TechCrunch is reporting today that an iPhone App that utilizes the Apple Push Notification system to let you know you have new Gmail is about to hit the app store. The app, called GPush, is developed by Tiverias Apps, and gives Gmail users an instant notification that new mail has arrived. iPhone us...

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