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"Wait Wait" goes after the iPad

We love Peter Sagal and the gang, but they certainly jumped ugly with the iPad on this week's episode of NPR's quiz show Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me. In a segment of fake confessions from public figures, announcer Carl Kasell stood in for Steve Jobs and admitted "It's just a big iPhone without the phon...

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NPR, WSJ prep Flash-free sites for iPad

Both National Public Radio and the Wall Street Journal are preparing Flash-free iPad sites in time for the device's April 3rd debut. MediaMemo cites a blog post over at NPR, letting us know that NPR fans can either download an updated app for NPR (once the iPad ships and the app is ready), or vis...

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Pocket Sitar is a virtual sitar for the iPhone

NPR posted the other day about an app that promised to simulate a sitar, the stringed instrument used mainly in Indian music. So just for you, dear readers, we downloaded it [iTunes link] and gave it a shot. The verdict? If you can already play the sitar, you'll probably find it a reasonable approxi...

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NPR's iPhone app helps doctor recommend treatment for stroke patient

I have been a huge fan of NPR's News app [iTunes link] since it was initially released in August, and so seeing the following item was especially heartwarming. Right before Christmas, NPR published a story on how a Los Angeles doctor utilized the NPR app to obtain the information needed to get the r...

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NPR News app updated, improved

The NPR News app [iTunes link] is quickly becoming a jack of all trades for news junkies and those wanting a quick fix of their favorite NPR program. The latest version, 1.1, adds sharing of stories via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. You can now pause radio programs, as well as fast forward and r...

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NPR debuts official iPhone app

There are few public radio apps out there, but the official NPR News app [iTunes link] takes some of the best features of these offerings and goes one step beyond. NPR News app was developed by Bottle Rocket Apps, the same folks who brought us Gas Buddy and a number of other well-executed iPhone ...

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Public Radio app updated and renamed

The much beloved Public Radio Tuner has been updated, and now sports a new name. Public Radio Player [App Store] is your easy way to get to most of the NPR stations in the country. This new version, which remains free, also allows you to find archived shows, like Car Talk, Speaking of Pets, Wait Wai...

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NPR on Mac hacking-- a little FUD, a little fact

NPR hits up the issue of Mac hacking (the bad malware kind, not the good kind), and suggests that Macs are supposedly becoming a bigger target for exploitative folk. While this is a topic that could easily (and does often) degenerate into complete misinformation and FUD, NPR basically acknowledges t...

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Prairie Home Companion introduces 'iGod'

It's an interesting coincidence (or... is it?) that on the same week New York magazine goes with a cover slug of 'iGod' for its Steve Jobs/iPhone article, Garrison Keillor (that handsome devil on the right) and the gang of upstanding citizens behind public radio favorite A Prairie Home Companion do ...

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John Hodgman on being recognized as PC

This past week's episode of the best thing on the radio, This American Life (available free via the podcast until Monday, then streaming or via features longtime TAL contributor and 'PC' John Hodgman on the perks and perils of being a TV personality. Hodgman's segment, the first one on ...

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How David Kestenbaum iMet his neighbor on iTunes

Are there any established rules of etiquette for meeting people through iTunes? NPR has a sweet story about David Kestenbaum's attempt to meet his musical "soulmate," a neighbor who piggybacked onto his WiFi connection and accidentally left her shared library accessible from his computer. The story ...

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NBC and NPR feature iPhone humor

Thank goodness that mainstream comedians have jumped in with bits on the iPhone introduction; us funny geeks are deeply grateful that the cavalry has arrived. While CBS's Craig Ferguson weighed in with an iPhone/Zune comparison, the competition at Late Night with Conan O'Brien gave us Thursday's ...

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NPR interviews Steve Wozniak

Can this guy get around, or what? The Woz has been everywhere lately, from the Colbert Report to the It's Showtime event on a Segway, and he's on his way to the South Pole in a hydrogen Hummer. Now even NPR got their hands on the big W for an interview, waxing ecstatic about his life after Apple, an...

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