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iOS and Android make for fastest tech adoption ever

Mobile marketing and analytics firm Flurry has another great research post up, this time about the speed of adoption for both iOS and Android. This one goes a little far into comparing apples and oranges, so to speak, but it's still interesting. Flurry notes that both iOS and Android app usages...

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Reminder: beta shuts down today is dead. Long live! Today is the last day that you'll be able to sign into the beta. Apple's first attempt at creating a document sharing environment for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents never did make it to prime time. Tomorrow, goes the way of the ...

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Mountain Lion 101: The iCloud Document Library

One of my favorite features of Mountain Lion to demonstrate so far has been the iCloud Document Library. This is a way to store your iWork, TextEdit, and Preview documents in iCloud so that they are immediately accessible from other Macs on the same iCloud account as well as on connected iOS de...

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Apple updates some iOS apps for better Mountain Lion and iCloud compatibility

Mac apps aren't the only ones getting updates today. Apple has released updates to Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and iTunes U for iOS, improving compatibility with iCloud, according to a post on MacStories. Pages, Keynote and Numbers have all been updated to version 1.6.1. According to the update ...

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Apple releases iWork, iPhoto, Safari, Aperture, iMovie updates

Apple has released updates to iWork, iPhoto and Safari, each offering compatibility with Mountain Lion, which shipped today (our review). The iWork suite (Pages, Keynote and Numbers) now offers iCloud & Retina MacBook Pro support. iCloud support will let users begin working on one device, st...

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iWork apps updated with new features, iCloud integration

Apple's three iWork apps have been updated alongside iOS 5 going live. The updates are available now through the App Store and include the following: Keynote Automatically store presentations in iCloud and keep them synced among multiple iDevices. Download presentations to a Mac or PC a...

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Apple shares huge iPhone sales and approval numbers

Tim Cook, subdued as he is today, was probably most excited this morning when talking about just how well the iPhone has done lately. The iPhone 4 specifically, says Cook, has continued to sell like crazy, and in fact now makes up half of the sales of the iPhone in total, overcoming both the or...

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OS X Lion hits one million downloads on launch day

We were pretty sure OS X Lion would be a success, but this is kind of ridiculous. According to Apple, OS X Lion was downloaded over one million times on launch day. Apple says this is the fastest adoption rate of any OS in its history. How about some other crazy numbers to go along with that sta...

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Speculation: Apple website hints at iWork update for Lion

While working on a post about OS X Lion's full-screen apps, I stumbled upon something interesting. If you look at the image above, it shows Pages as a full-screen app. There's even a tag line -- "Never miss the fine print with full-screen for Pages." I'm running Pages version 4.0.5 (852) right ...

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OfficeTime for Mac update, new iOS version coming soon

OfficeTime for Mac has updated to version 1.6, adding over 100 new features and improvements. As we've posted before, this app is an excellent way to track time and billing for a freelance worker or a small business, and now it's even better. The biggest new feature is probably the addition of ...

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Numbers on the iPhone: A quick look

Apple has yet to come out with a new version of iWork for the Mac, but it's been hard at work on the iOS edition of the productivity suite. The recent release of iWork on the iPhone and iPod touch included all three members of the iWork family in a diminutive format -- Keynote for presentations...

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iWork gets SaaS-y with Documents in the Cloud

Apple detailed its cloud service and released some new features that begin to rival Google Docs and Microsoft 365. Say hello to Apple's new Documents in the Cloud feature that lets you sync documents in the cloud and share them across devices. If you are editing on the iPad, you can save the do...

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iWork now available for iPhone, iPod touch

In addition to the iCloud reveal, Apple announced today that iWork is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch. The cost remains the same -- US$9.99 per app -- and they're a free update for anyone who already owns the iPad version of Keynote, Pages and Numbers. We will be doing full review...

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BGR: Verizon iPhone sales not burning hot

Boy Genius Report did a little digging around to find some concrete numbers for Verizon iPhone sales, and while these probably aren't wholly representative of the larger picture, they did release numbers purporting to be from five different Apple stores of the sales of iPhones on both AT&T and ...

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Kindle for iOS updated, adds page numbers and progress meters

The Kindle app for iOS (my personal reading app of choice) got a nice update yesterday that brings "real" page numbers into the app. Now, as you read along in some e-books, you'll get to see where you'd be in the printed version, so if you're reading Kindle books along with a class or book club, yo...

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