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Apple will design its own tablet Mac chips

Rumors have been crisscrossing the Internet about actions by Apple that point tellingly to the advent of an Apple tablet, or some kind of outsize iPod touch. VentureBeat is speculating that Apple may use chips they have developed themselves in the imminent $800 tablet computer. Following some of th...

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Apple rumored not to renew contract with NVIDIA for graphics chips

The relationship between Apple and NVIDIA, the manufacturer of the graphics chips in most Macs for quite some time now, appears to be souring at an exponential rate. Electronista reports that negotiations between the two companies to continue their business relationship are not going well, with Ap...

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Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 requires 10.5.7, which should be out soon

Sunday night on the Talkcast, we approached the rumors of a 10.5.7 release coming soon, and all pretty much agreed that yes -- whatever is in it, it's very likely coming soon. Here's another rumble of thunder that hints at the storm: Nvidia announced a brand new card recently for Macs, called the Qu...

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Mac Pro refresh brings high-end graphics to the Mac

Today's new hardware announcement refreshed the Mac mini and iMac lines, and at long last, the Mac Pro was also given some love. In the 14 months since the last Mac Pro refresh there have been some significant hardware changes within the microprocessor world and within Apple's own line. The resul...

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$999 MacBook hardware updated to near-unibody specs

It's always nice to wake up in the morning and get a surprise from Apple! Today's surprise is an update to the hardware of the white polycarbonate body $999 MacBook. The low-end MacBook now comes standard with 2GB of 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM and the same Nvidia GeForce 9400m graphics processor that is fou...

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Mac mini, Apple TV to use new Ion platform?

Tom's Hardware says that Apple will use NVIDIA's Ion platform in an updated Mac mini, and AppleInsider says it could also be used in an updated Apple TV. NVIDIA's Ion platform is a low-cost, small-form-factor logic board that includes both an NVIDIA graphics processor and Intel CPU (among other thi...

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New iMacs and Mac minis to use NVIDIA chips?

AppleInsider is reporting that the speculated refresh for the iMac and Mac minis lines might include NVIDIA graphics chips. This information was discovered while an InsanelyMac forum poster found some extension files included with the new MacBooks/MacBook Pros. The exentions were named, "iMac9,1" an...

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GeForce 9-Series motherboards maybe coming to the Mini

I think that at this point, the Mac mini has moved up into the ranks of the TRS-80 and the Apple IIe as one of my favorite computers of all time. Though it's been rumored dead more times than disco, it's still puttering along as the tiny little computer that could, racking up (we assume -- the mini ...

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New NVIDIA hardware capable of more than Apple lets on

We've already seen some suggestions that more is hiding under the hood of the new unibody MacBooks than Apple has disclosed. Now Gizmodo is reporting that the NVIDIA folks have revealed to them that the graphics hardware in the new MacBooks is capable of quite a bit more than Apple has has chosen to...

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New MacBooks adding NVIDIA hardware H.264 decoding?

Something interesting has popped up with the new NVIDIA graphics hardware in the unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros: hardware H.264 decoding. MacRumors is reporting that owners of the new MacBooks are seeing considerably less CPU usage when playing high definition H.264 content on the new machines ve...

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Putting the MacBook through the paces with Warhammer Online

Since the new MacBooks were released earlier this week, everyone's been talking a good bit about gaming on the thing, but our friend (and TUAW alum) C.K. Sample III decided to actually load up a game and make the new Nvidia chips put up or shut up. And as you can see above, put up they did: he load...

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Yes, Virginia, you do have to log out to switch graphics cards on the MBP

Having options is good; saving energy is good; improving battery life on your laptop is very good. Having to log out and back in to switch between the two video cards on the MacBook Pro? Um... not all that good. Kinda annoying, to tell you the truth. Engadget posted a video last night of the swap pr...

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Apple goes Nvidia with MacBooks

The day we gamers have been waiting for is finally here -- Apple is announcing at their event right now that the new MacBooks (and presumably Pros) that they'll be releasing will have Nvidia graphics chips inside them, finally replacing the integrated graphics chips that have been the bane of 3D gam...

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Newer MBPs may contain faulty NVIDIA chips

Not a surprise for those who have suffered from the issue, but a welcome admission nonetheless: Apple has now acknowledged that some recent MacBook Pro models contain faulty GeForce 8600M GT chips that cause video display problems. Dell and HP have already told customers similar stories. In a suppo...

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Rumor: Nvidia-powered MacBooks on October 14th

TUAW is hearing from various sources that new MacBooks are right around the corner, and that they might even have some extra Nvidia power in them. A source tells us that Nvidia is showing off new MacBooks to their employees, and word is going around that the new versions will be released as soon a...

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