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Apple cracks down on counterfeit products being sold in NYC

NYC may not have as many fake Apple stores as China, but it has a few and they've caught the eye of Apple. Apple has executed several seizure warrants and removed fake goods that carry the Apple logo or name from these stores. A trademark infringement lawsuit has halted sales of the alleged kno...

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iPhone augmented reality browser Junaio used to "block" billboards in NYC

PublicAdCampaign and The Heavy Projects worked together to include an ad-scrubbing feature in the augmented reality browser Junaio. This trial feature lets NYC residents replace outdoor advertisements in a handful of locations including Times Square with art from indie artists/activists. This i...

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5th Avenue Apple Store's iconic glass cube to be reinstalled

Apple has begun construction on the glass cube at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in NYC. According to building permits, Apple is replacing the glass on the building and upgrading portions of the surrounding plaza. The renovations will cost a whopping US$6 million, which is just shy of the $7 mill...

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Subway riders subject to iPhone thefts

The WSJ's Andrew Grossman reports (subscription required) that New York City's subway riders may be a bit too openhanded with their digital devices. According to NYPD statistics, grand larceny* incidents on the subway were up 18 percent year-over-year from January to March of 2011 (311 reports in...

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iPad 2 linewalk videos: NYC and Austin, TX

It's not high-concept, as videos go: an admittedly shaky walk around the block or down the street to gauge the number of hardy souls willing to stand and wait for something they could just as easily have shipped to their front door. Nevertheless, we salute the line-standers, and it is in thei...

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Apple hoping to open Brooklyn store in Atlantic Yards development

Sure, Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store may be New York City's fifth most-photographed location, but Brooklynites need their Apple fix, too -- and it seems that Apple wants to be sure to take care of them. While not confirmed yet as of this writing, The New York Observer reports that Apple is lookin...

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Track your favorite runners with the ING New York Marathon app

There are some people who regard the prospect of a 26 mile-long run across the bridges, avenues and streets of New York City's five boroughs with eager anticipation, who train diligently for months with single-minded focus to be able to say with well-deserved pride, "Yes, on November 7 2010, I compl...

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AT&T says New York City service is improved

While AT&T's service has been notoriously bad even before the iPhone launch, iPhone users in New York City have suffered some of the worst of it, with one Apple Genius reportedly saying that 30% dropped call rate was average. (I think he misspelled "atrocious.") The good news is that AT&T...

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iPhone 4 Launch: CoCo drops in on the Apple Store line

It's New York City, people; deposed late-night talk show hosts are always walking around looking for a good time. Yes, the 5th Avenue Apple Store iPhone 4 line is officially on Team CoCo now after a brief visit from Conan O'Brien, captured here by reader Matthew Redmond. More pics from the waitin...

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iPhone 4 Launch: Line gallery from 5th Avenue NYC store

We're eagerly awaiting tomorrow's iPhone 4 retail launch, even as the pre-orders begin to show up on desks and on doorsteps. Photographer Matthew Redmond is in line at the 5th Avenue NYC flagship store, and he's sending us pictures all through the day and night as the enthusiasm builds (and it be...

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Navigate NYCs Internet Week with your iPhone

Don't let WWDC fool you into thinking all of the fun is in San Francisco this week. New Yorkers are enjoying Internet Week. There are fun and interesting events and exhibits throughout the city from June 7th - 14th. Highlights include panel discussion, demos and interviews. With so much going on,...

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Brooklyn's borough prez makes a play for Apple Store

It may seem like New York City is already pretty well stocked with Apple retail outlets. With four full-scale storefronts in Manhattan, including the iconic 24-hour 5th Ave cube and the new Upper West Side 'temple of iPad,' the city's 5th store in the Staten Island Mall seems like an afterthought. D...

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iPad launch at Apple Store 5th Ave

Do the words "mob scene" mean anything to you? No, in fairness the walk-in and cheering was handled with the usual Apple retail aplomb, and buyers are merrily checking out now. Pictures from the launch below. We're also tweeting updates through the day. ...

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Fifth Ave Apple Store is NYC's fifth most-photographed location

Philip DeWitt at Apple 2.0 is reporting that Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store is now New York City's fifth most-photographed location. The ranking is according to a year-old analysis of 35 million Flickr images by Cornell University students on a university supercomputer. So which four landmarks...

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Online iPhone sales return to NYC

As Engadget is reporting, New York City residents can get back to buying their iPhones via AT&T's website after the strange outage that seemed to start yesterday kept them from doing so. It's been a rollercoaster of a story -- first we heard that they weren't being sold at all because of covera...

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