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Orange to start UK iPhone sales on November 10

Update: Orange has announced pricing for the iPhone, in a dizzying matrix of subscription & pay-as-you-go plans (Monkey, Dolphin, Canary, Racoon & Camel? Really?) matched with varying purchase costs. All plans include free unlimited WiFi access; wireless data is 250MB/mo on the PAYG plans an...

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Vodafone enters UK iPhone war, sales to begin in 2010

Vodafone has announced that they will start selling the iPhone 3G and 3GS in the UK and Ireland in early 2010. This comes just one day after Orange UK revealed its plans to offer the iPhone. Up to this point, O2 has had exclusive rights to the iPhone in the UK. No information on pricing is available...

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Orange UK getting iPhone 3G and 3GS "later this year"

In yet another "so logical it's gonna happen" rumors-come-true, O2 will no longer enjoy the exclusivity it has enjoyed for two years and Orange UK will begin offering the latest 2 versions of the iPhone "later this year," according to the BBC. O2 will continue selling the iPhone (along with the Palm...

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O2 announces iPhone 3G S pricing

OK, UK iPhone fans, O2 has released its iPhone 3G S pricing plans for monthly and Pay & Go customers. Depending on your plan, your 16GB or 32GB iPhone 3G S could be free (but you'll be paying a healthy monthly tab). The full details for monthly and Pay & Go plans are on O2's site, but her...

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Rumor: Apple to sell subsidized notebooks in the UK?

This would be an interesting deal -- rumor has it (that crazy rumor always has something, doesn't it?) that Apple may start selling subsidized MacBooks in the UK, with O2 including the notebooks with their wireless plans. Quite a proposal -- the idea, of course, would be for O2 to pick up a subscrip...

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UK iPhone sales reportedly strong

Mobile Today, which tracks mobile trends in the UK, is reporting today that the 3G iPhone is selling very well. Specifically, retailers are averaging 27,000 phones sold per week. That's good news for Apple, especially since the 3G launch went rather poorly in the UK. Specifically, activation issues ...

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O2 iPhone paygo plans coming Sept. 16

In June, O2 kind of announced that there would be a pay-as-you-go plan for the iPhone, and now they've finally set September 16 as its launch. UK customers can buy an 8GB iPhone for £350, and a 16GB handset for £400. Both plans come with free web browsing for the first year. (After the ...

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O2 iPhone pre-orders not going well

O2, the sole provider of the iPhone in the UK, sent out emails and text messages to its customers offering to send them the new 3G handset to arrive on Friday, the worldwide launch date. Figuratively billions of people wrote us to say that the site was crushed under the load of people trying to purc...

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O2 pay-as-you-go iPhone plans announced, un-announced

UK mobile provider O2 posted a page earlier today offering the iPhone 3G with a pay-as-you-go plan costing £300 (≈ $593) for the 8GB model, and £360 (≈ $711) for the 16GB model. The plan includes six months of WiFi and browsing. After the first six months, you can purchase br...

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British iPhone users love their data

Insanely Great Mac has the breakdown on a meeting between O2 (purveyors of the iPhone in Britain) and Mr. Jobs from the UK's Financial Times, and it seems iPhone users across the pond can't get enough data. Over 60% of iPhone users use over 25mb/month of data, while only 1.8% of non-iPhone users on ...

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After the storm: iPhone & the U.K.

September 18th was perhaps one of the most hotly-anticipated days for us Apple-loving Brits. The iPhone, arguably one of the most hyped and hotly anticipated mobile phone handsets, was rumoured to be coming to our fair isle. Our resident iPhone code-guru Erica posted after the event on the most di...

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iPhone crosses the puddle. 3G missing in action.

There are few things pundits agreed on but a 3G iPhone launch in the UK and Europe seemed a pretty sure move. This morning, the Steve announced the November 9th iPhone launch. And, as you may surmise from the title of this post, there was no 3G on offer. 8GB with EDGE--the same model sold in the US....

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Rumor: iPhones in the UK

A little birdie just flew into TUAW headquarters with a bit of news. It seems that the birdie's "friend" has seen an iPhone in the UK, running on the O2 network. Last we knew, a carrier had not been officially identified in the UK. Back in March, it was rumored that Apple was in serious talks with V...

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O2 may not be aboard the iPhone train

According to this Dutch-language report, O2 says it does not have an iPhone contract with Apple to distribute the iPhone in England The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland not including her overseas territories. A spokesman denied signing a contract and would not discuss any ongoing...

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