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Twitter accounts compromised by third-party attack: Here's what you can do

It's become a regular occurrence that a site's credentials become compromised. (At least it's a nice change from Big NSA brother, I suppose. Big NSA brother is ALWAYS watching you.) Now it is Twitter's turn, apparently courtesy of a third-party app. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to the Guardia...

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Twitterrific 3 for the iPad: change, tough love, and better

Here's a good sign that you've made some pretty significant changes to your application: three different people from the company write three different posts about the new design. That's what the folks from Iconfactory did about Twitterrific 3. David Lanham wrote about Redesigning Twitterrific, not j...

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Gmail enables OAuth, Syphir for iPhone already using it

Google has introduced OAuth authorization for Gmail, meaning that approved applications can access your Gmail account without you giving them access to your Gmail username and password. OAuth has been used as Flickr and Twitter for some time, but is a new development for Google. Previously, if...

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