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My first iPhone application

Last month I wrote about some resources for learning Objective-C that I was using to learn how to write iPhone applications. Judging by the number of comments on that article, I thought that I should write a follow-up post about my progress and the status of my first iPhone application. Since I had...

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Starting out with Objective-C

I recently decided to embark on a personal challenge to learn Objective-C (the programming language behind Mac and iPhone applications) so that I could one day get applications into the App Store. I'm not looking to make millions with a fart machine app, but I do want to see some of my ideas come to...

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AppLoop brings automated application development to the iPhone

With the iPhone SDK, Apple is pioneering a new mobile development platform that is ahead of it's time; however, this innovation comes with a major caveat: It requires Cocoa (or Objective-C) programming knowledge. You may ask "Why is this a problem?" Well, someone might have a really great idea...

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iPhone Coding: Recording Audio

Yesterday, I figured out how to record audio on the iPhone. Today, by popular request, I'll go through the how-to part. And, for those of you paying close attention, I've updated the application with lots of nice new features. For those of you playing along at home, here are the basics you'll need ...

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Roll Your Own Quicksilver Plugin

Regular readers know we here at TUAW love Quicksilver. Indeed, I think it is my single favorite application (and that it remains free is just mind-boggling to me). Anyway, despite a ton of built-in functionality and plethora of plugins to add more, you may still find there are a few things your best...

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