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"Sockintosh" power adapter foot cozy keeps your feet warm, might light you on fire

Rachael Burns, based on her knitting abilities, will make an excellent grandma some day. She's knitted a pretty sweet foot cozy that turns your Apple power adapter into a foot warming device. Rachel says she knitted the aptly-named Sockintosh after realizing she constantly used her power adapter ...

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'Christmas in Cupertino': because there isn't enough weird stuff on the web

You guys know I love combining Christmas and my Mac, but this is just plain weird. A Dutch Apple community website by the name of One More Thing has written and produced a Christmas song called 'Christmas in Cupertino'. The song was composed and recorded in two weeks with the 'famous Dutch singer...

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G4 tower table

The door to my garage doesn't have one of those elf doors or a potted plant or concrete gnome. A couple of years ago I acquired a dead G4 tower, the model affectionately termed "mirrored drive door G4." After gutting it down to the fan and a few cables, I set it outside my door. Why? Sometimes I'm c...

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TUAW Tip: Quickly reveal enclosing folders in Spotlight

I don't know whether it's just me, but the one thing that I've always felt was lacking from Spotlight was the ability to quickly and easily reveal the enclosing folder for search results. It was never a major problem, but on the rare occasion when I do use Spotlight, I often seem to need to see the...

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