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LTE iPhone could revolutionize UK mobile market

The Verge is reporting that today's a big day in the UK mobile market. The UK regulator of telecommunications, Ofcom, granted approval for carrier Everything Everywhere to roll out 4G LTE service in the UK on its 1800 MHz spectrum before the official 4G auction that is expected next year. Eve...

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UK rural areas get better coverage from older 2G phones

UK regulator Ofcom says that those in rural areas of the United Kingdom are better off sticking with older 2G feature/entry-level phones instead of newer smartphones like Apple's iPhone and Android-powered phones. The reason is that while newer smartphones offer greater features, the older 2G...

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iPhone preferred by adults, BlackBerry by teens in the UK

A recent Ofcom survey suggests the iPhone is the favorite handset among adults in the UK, while the BlackBerry is preferred by teens. Almost one in three (32%) UK adults with a smartphone rock an iPhone and 37% of teens carry a BlackBerry. The survey of 2,073 adults and 521 teenagers doesn't ...

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