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Microsoft Office 2011: Unattended download and installation

I own Microsoft Office 2011 and wanted to make the process of installing it easier, since I own several Macs and have this habit of reinstalling OS X frequently. So I wrote a shell script because that's what I do to solve these sorts of problems. The best part of the script is that it does not req...

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Office 2011: Mountain Lion-ready, says Microsoft

Nothing but love for the lightly-updated iWork, but millions of Macs in SOHO, business and enterprise settings depend on Microsoft's Office 2011 suite for productivity mojo every day. The Office for Mac team noted on its official blog that Office 2011 is Mountain Lion-ready and fully supported,...

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MS Office 2011 14.1.3 update patches some Lion-related issues

Microsoft has issued an update to Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 with a bushel of bug fixes, outlined below. Installing the update (available at the link above) requires you to be running Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later. Improvements for Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Office documents open in all...

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Microsoft working to add Lion features to Office 2011

Like it or not, Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is the most widely-used office suite for Mac users in the enterprise. While the existing version doesn't support OS X Lion features like Auto Save, Versions, and full-screen mode, MacNN is reporting that Microsoft's Mac Business Unit is hard at work a...

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Office 2011 gets hefty discounts for Black Friday

The official Office for Mac blog just posted a list of places interested buyers can get Office for Mac 2011 at reduced cost throughout the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Here are the prices you'll get if you buy during the US Thanksgiving holiday weekend from these retailers (note the special sa...

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Office 2011 puts pedal to the metal with demonstrable speed bumps

As we've been diving into the Microsoft Office 2011 application suite, we've been focusing on the new features going from 2008 to 2011, and the relative value versus alternative tools like Apple's iWork suite. One thing we haven't really nailed down, though, is speed. Although it's easy to see in th...

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Microsoft updates Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft has released an update to Office for Mac 2011 today. The 14.0.1 update weighs in at 110 MB and includes critical fixes for issues that might cause Office 2011 applications to stop responding or quit unexpectedly. Other issues the update addresses include: Excel: Excel-calculated cells a...

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Word 2011 brings ribbons, clouds, and full-screen mode

TUAW dives into Microsoft Office 2011 with reviews of the apps that make up the suite. First up: the pans and praises of Word 2011. It's been a stalwart on the Mac platform since before we said things like "the Mac platform." Turning 25 this year, Microsoft Word is the anchor app for the Office 2011...

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Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 now on sale, downloadable for upgraders

It's been percolating for ages, maturing like a fine wine and fermenting like a premium cheese: the latest edition of Microsoft Office for the Mac, Office 2011 (or Office 14, if you're counting version numbers) has finally made it to market. Enterprise and education customers have had access to the...

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In Brief: Amazon tips hand on Microsoft Office release date

Computerworld points to an October 26 ship date for Microsoft Office 2011, based on Amazon's page updates indicating the 10/26 availability -- the products have since been switched back to "sign up to be notified" pre-release mode. Gregg Keizler's piece also reiterates the discount options for bu...

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Share a PowerPoint story, win a custom MacBook Pro

PowerPoint stories are like belly buttons: everybody's got one, but some are more interesting than others. The team at Microsoft's Mac BU wants to hear your exciting, engaging and unique PPT adventures, and they're willing to reward you: the best story might win a major prize. Unlike the "forward...

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Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac screenshots leaked

BoyGeniusReport has posted a series of screen shots from the next version of Microsoft Office for the Mac. The screen shots show the updated versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They also show the first look at the new Outlook for Mac, which replaces Entourage. The screen shots show how the r...

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