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Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac delayed until January 2008

Craig Eisler, General Manager of the MacBU and proud Canadian, contacted TUAW with some news about Microsoft's much anticipated Universal release of Office, Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac. Craig let us know that Microsoft has pushed back the release of Office 2008 for the Mac to make sure that th...

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Microsoft releases Word 2007 '.docx' file converter

If you've been gnashing your teeth as more and more Office 2007 files come your way from your innocent, early-adopter Windows colleagues and friends, time to quit your gnashing. Microsoft's beta of the mellifluously named Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter for Mac can now be downloaded ...

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MacTech VBA to AppleScript Guide free online

We've mentioned before Microsoft's controversial decision to end support for Visual Basic (VBA) scripting in the forthcoming Office 2008 and replace it with AppleScript. While normally moving to an Apple standard technology over a closed Microsoft solution is a good thing, this move will have major ...

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No Visual Basic in Office 2008? No thanks.

MacWindows.com recently polled readers on their willingness to upgrade to Office 2008 for Mac, which will not include Visual Basic for macros and automation (as noted on this MacBU developer blog). Several readers said they won't upgrade to 2008 because they depend on VB cross-platform support. Wher...

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Screenshots of Office 2008 for Mac

While I was at Macworld last week I got a chance to sit down with some Microsoft folks and talk about Office 2008 for Mac. We did a video interview which should be up shortly, but Microsoft was kind enough to share some screenshots with us. Check out the gallery for a look at some cool new features ...

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Microsoft Office 2008 screenshots

I managed to swing by the Microsoft Office booth just in time for a demo of Office 2008, and I snapped a few screenshots. The presentation was made with Word since, as the demo folk pointed out, it is the app they have completed the most code on. As Scott mentioned, the words "page layout" were us...

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