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Ask TUAW: File ownership and permissions, converting FLV and OGG, extra displays, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we have questions about changing file ownership and permissions, adding two external displays to a MacBook Pro, converting OGG and FLV files on an older Mac, transferring a Time Machine backup to a new disk, and more. ...

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Firefly: Streaming to iTunes with DAAP

Make blog recently posted about how to run an iTunes DAAP server in Linux with Firefly. Firefly (né mt-daapd) provides an open-source digital audio server that supports iTunes-compatible streaming. With it, you can stream your media from a Linux platform to any other computer that's running ...

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XLD: lossless audio decoder

One big complaint of audiophiles on the Mac platform is the limited support for FLAC, the very high quality, open source lossless audio codec. Apple, of course, prefers its own (proprietary) Apple Lossless format. The X Lossless Decoder offers some help for Mac users, however. Unlike many FLAC tools...

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QuickTime Components 101

Ever wondered what happens when you can't view a QuickTime movie, and Apple's QT player prompts you to "download the missing component?" Essentially a QuickTime component is QT's version of a plug-in. Similar to how Flash plug-in allows you to view Flash content, or Windows Media Player us...

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