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Nvidia CEO loves Apple, possesses mysterious alien device

Talk about burying the lead -- Shufflegazine did a piece on Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Hwang during a visit to Dubai recently, in which he talks about how much he and his family love their Macs, and Apple's machines add value, and in his house it's just "Mac, Mac, Mac," and OH MY GOD, what is that SITTING ...

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Thus goeth down the Apple Store

Shall I compare thee to a yellow sticky note? Thou art more foreboding and less indicative of closure. Rough winds do shake retail commerce before May And downtime hath all too short a date. Sometimes too excited the yellow sticky shines And often is his gold complexion dimm'd And sometimes when cr...

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Apple Store team busy installing extra noise, additional funk

As has been widely emailed by our crack readers, the Apple Store is down as of midnight. We'd chalk this up to actual maintenance, but since it is officially Tuesday on the US East Coast, we'll give it the new-product benefit of the doubt. Some items, including Airport Express units and the Mac Mini...

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The Apple Store is... up? Isn't it Tuesday?

Walk back with me through the nostalgia of the past two months: January 8. New Mac Pros and Xserve January 15. Macworld Expo, MacBook Air, Apple TV 2, etc. January 22. Pink nanos January 29. New iWork updates February 5. Storage boost for iPhone and touch February 12. Aperture 2 Feb...

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In the wee small hours of the Hey! The Apple Store is down

With Nik covering the early-morning East Coast shift from his perch on the way, way East coast, I rarely get to do this anymore... but since I already stayed up way past my bedtime, I'll share with you all that the Apple Store is down. It's almost certainly routine maintenance. Really. Almost 100% c...

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Wingnuts 2, an original Mac game, takes off

Freeverse has announced that Wingnuts 2, a top-down aerial arcade shooter game, is now available for online purchase and download. The title benefits from being an original and exclusive Mac game, developed and playable exclusively on the Mac. Freeverse co-founder Colin Lynch Smith mentions the adva...

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