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Incredible: Apple responsible for 25% of US music sales

The NPD Group has released amazing numbers this week: Apple is generating one quarter of all US music sales. Equally impressive, but less surprising, is that Apple is also responsible for 69% of all online music sales. Wal-Mart is #2 for US music sales at 14% (that's a combination of both their onl...

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PandoraBoy: Free Standing Pandora Client

We've previously posted about a widget that lets you run the Pandora streaming music service. Yesterday, I ran across something called PandoraBoy that basically wraps the Pandora flash player in some code so that it will run on its own outside of a browser. The cool thing about PandoraBoy, however,...

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Last.fm for Apple Mac OS X 1.1.0

It would seem that today is the day of incremental software updates, and oh what a special day it is. Last.fm, a social music collective (their words, not mine), has updated their Mac client to 1.1.0. Details are scarce on the site as to what this update includes but the interface has been overhaul...

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