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Finder Fu: Force an Application to open your Document

Has this happened to you? You drag a document onto an application icon. And nothing happens. The icon does not go dark. The application doesn't launch and load the data. But you know that it should; it just won't. Fortunately, OS X allows you to force an application to try and open that file. By ho...

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Twenty Ninth Street Store Grand Opening

W00t! Seems Apple really likes me, or at least people in my general area. Tomorrow is the grand opening of the newest Apple store, Boulder, Colorado's Twenty Ninth Street location. Par usual for store openings, the first thousand people through the door get special limited edition t-shirts, and can ...

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Memorial City Store Grand Opening Announced

Mac geeks in and around the Houston, TX area have begun receiving the "Come meet your new neighbor" emails which Apple sends out in preparation for a new Apple Store opening. The store located in the Memorial City Mall will hold its grand opening on June 17th at 10AM. As is standard practice with st...

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