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Acorn updated to version 3.5, lots of new options and tools

Photo-editing app Acorn has been updated to version 3.5, and with that update comes plenty of new features to check out. The Magic Wand tool has been updated with the ability to do contiguous or non-contiguous selections, you can now export just a single layer out of the app, there are some new...

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While store customers get Halloween patches, Apple's retail VP cleans up

File under "Awww": Children visiting the Bellevue, WA Apple Store on Halloween were treated to collectible instant-stick logo patches, says iPhone Savior. The patches ran out pretty quickly, but they were popular while they lasted. Patches are certainly nice keepsakes, but if you want to talk real h...

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Vaja now selling iPad cases

Out of all of the iPod or iPhone cases I've seen, Vaja makes my personal favorites -- I bought one of their cases for my 80gb iPod, and it's still the best gadget case I've ever owned. They're a little pricier than some cases, but the exquisite leather, custom design, and solid crafting makes the p...

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Leopard's Dock doesn't work on the side

Rogue Ameoba's got a legit complaint with the Dock in Leopard: it looks horrible sitting on the side. Personally, it's not really a concern for me, because I've never moved my Dock from the bottom of the screen (seems weird to have it on the side, like the workspace is off balance). But they're exac...

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TUAW Tip: Safari's reset button

Brandon sent us a great tip that I should have known was in Safari, but that I hadn't found yet. For you paranoids out there, the Safari 3 beta offers an easy way to clean up every single thing you've ever done, including the history, passwords, cookies, and even favicons and Autofill text. Under th...

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Jobs and Apple not out of the Options scandal woods yet

The Wall Street Journal has the best summary (subscription maybe required) of the Apple options backdating scandal that I have read to date. They take a look at Apple's filings and point that that Steve 'recommended the selection of some favorable grant dates,' though he was not involved in the impr...

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Apple to file Annual Report today

The New York Times is reporting that Apple will be filing their delayed annual report today. The report will likely contain information gathered from Apple's internal investigation into the options backdating scandal. The article gives a nice overview of what this whole rigmarole consists of, as wel...

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Apple forges financial docs

We have written about the Apple stock options story before, but things just keep getting worse. The Associated Press is reporting that former Apple execs forged documents in order to maximize options payouts. The article also goes on to say that Steve Jobs has retained his own legal counsel, apart f...

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Fred Anderson resigns from Apple Board

In a comment under yesterday's report on the outcome of the Apple stock option investigation, SubGenius wisely proclaimed "Fred is going to be the fall guy." Congratulations, SubGenius - you win a brand new star! (or at least you will when the star system is working again) Fred Anderson, who valiant...

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Apple's Special Committee Reports Findings of Stock Option Investigation

Back in August, Apple announced they had found some stock option irregularities and launched an internal investigation to get to the bottom of things. This voluntary audit netted a warning of de-listing from NASDAQ because they had to delay filing their Q3 earnings results (fortuately, NASDAQ cut Ap...

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Nasdaq warns Apple of non-compliance

Following reports of possible stock option improprieties by Apple executives and continuing internal and external investigations of these concerns, Apple has announced that it will delay the filing of its Q3 quarterly earnings reports until it is satisfied that the issues have been properly accounte...

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On improving the iPod's aging UI and experience

The iPod is the 800-pound gorilla of the DAP industry - there's no doubt about it (well, almost). In its 4+ years of existence, the player has quickly won owner's hearts because of its ease of use and seamless iTunes management experience, amongst other reasons. I personally have owned one of every ...

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Location Switch Automator action

Location Switch is an Automator action that adds some painfully missing features to Mac OS X's built-in Locations option (y'know, that feature you never touch in the Apple menu?). Location Switch can a whole host of application preferences and settings based on which location you chose, such as soun...

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iChat Extender - tweak iTunes status message, chat bubbles

iChat Extender is a little app that lets you tweak various settings of iChat that unfortunately don't have a pref pane of their own. Features such as the format of the 'iTunes now playing' status message and the style of chat bubbles can easily be adjusted with this handy and free app. For more fun ...

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Google Importer - search Google with Spotlight

Google Importer is a Spotlight plug-in that can add a Google search to the list of results Spotlight returns. It is installed as a System Preferences pane with options to adjust how many results are gathered from Google, whether to show a link to an actual Google results page, and how many seconds ...

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