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Creammonkey is great - but where are the scripts?

I found a Safari plugin by the name of Creammonkey, which is more or less an attempt at bringing Greasemonkey's abilities to Safari's side of the fence. For those unfamiliar with Greasemonkey: it's a Firefox extension that allows savvy javascript ninjas to add functionality to websites and services,...

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TUAW Tip: Hit esc for some word suggestions

It appears that while typing a word in many OS X apps, such as iChat and Yojimbo, hitting the Esc key will present a drop-down list of word completion options. I *think* this might be a Cocoa-related service of Mac OS X (sorry, Firefox users), but I'm always hesitant to toss out a guess like that be...

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Saft offers new tab behaviors

Since I'm on spring break and the only destination I have in sight is my couch, I figured it would be a good time to wipe my Macs since I haven't done it in a while. This time around, I decided to learn how to create a clean backup image with Carbon Copy Cloner, but this post isn't about my adventu...

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Spice up iChat with Chax

Chax is one of those addons that makes you go "ahhh, at least someone's listening." This is a powerful, feature-packed and altogther necessary preferences plugin for iChat. The developer's site offers a lengthy list of features this fantastic plugin brings to the table, but for now, here's...

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iPhoto 6: First Impressions

So I just finished installing my copy of iLife 06, and since I'm the most interested in the new iPhoto and iWeb apps, I thought I'd post a few initial thoughts at least on the new iPhoto, which is technically now at version 6. I've been playing with and poking at it for roughly 20 minutes, so this ...

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