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Origin Stories: Dunno

Dunno is an odd little free app that allows you to take a note about something and have Dunno "research" the topic for you. After typing in a few words, perhaps about a car model or a book or author, or maybe something esoteric like the meaning of life, Dunno performs a search in the background...

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Origin Stories: TestFlight

This week's Origin Stories goes to the heart of a problem developers had at the beginning of the App Store: how to easily deal with beta builds. There are numerous restrictions and difficulties for developers who wish to give out beta versions of an app for review or bug testing, and that's whe...

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Origin Stories: The now-unavailable Fun Folds app

Unfortunately Fun Folds is no longer available on the store, but I interviewed the creator in 2012 at WWDC. Of course, considering it was based on a bit of pop culture, do we expect those apps to last anyway? Occasionally I'll download the random meme app of the week, but in the end most of the...

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Origin Stories: Living Earth HD

I have a fascination with weather and our Earth's climate, so Living Earth HD -- which simulates a live view of our planet based on real data -- is a lovely find. You can overlay weather and clock info on the gorgeous renderings of Earth, and look at real phenomena based on satellite images. Th...

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Origin Stories: Joel Grasmeyer, Construction Cost Estimator

I met up with Joel a while ago and we struck up a conversation about estimating construction costs because my father-in-law had been a contractor. He had what looked like a great app for estimating these costs, and it's now available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. In this Origin Stories I talk to ...

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Origin Stories: Dave Taylor and Band Together

Dave Taylor has been building games for a while. You may have enjoyed some of his work on Quake or Doom, in fact. He's also the developer behind the indie game Abuse (for those who remember that one). But lately Taylor has been teaching a new generation of game designers how to make games. We c...

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TUAW Origin Stories: Developer Matt Drance

Matt Drance may have learned Turbo Pascal at age 6, but didn't really dive back into programming until college. Once he did, he found he had a knack for software, which lead him to California during the dot-com boom, then at Apple for a while. Now Matt's an independent iOS developer and write...

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Origin Stories: Sonnet Technologies

Sonnet Technologies has been around for 26 years, and was founded by a former Apple engineer. I've long been a fan of their products, first with a PPC daughtercard upgrade for my 8500 years ago. In this Origin Stories I talk to Greg LaPorte about the history of Sonnet. As a bonus, check out t...

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Origin Stories: Tekserve

Tekserve is a much-beloved Apple repair and sales shop in Manhattan. Our own Mike Rose has been a customer, and profiled the shop a little while ago. In the video below, I speak with Tekserve's CTO, Aaron Freimark about how Tekserve began, and a short history of Manhattan's longest-open Apple...

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TUAW Origin Stories: Retro Dreamer

Today we continue our Origin Stories series by interviewing Gavin Bowman, one of the co-founders of Retro Dreamer, a great iOS indie developer that's released games like Velocispider, Duckers, and most recently, Happy Fall. In the interview, Bowman lets us in on the wild story behind Happy Fall...

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Origin Stories: MacTech Conference

About the only time you'll see Neil Ticktin sitting down during the MacTech Conference is to eat, very briefly. I managed to get him to sit down long enough to do a quick interview about how the conference began for this week's Origin Stories. ...

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TUAW Origin Stories: Bartender

We wrote up Bartender for Mac as a Friday Favorite some time ago, even though the app isn't out of beta. In this Origin Stories, I speak with Ben Surtees, who has been programming since he was 15. Check out the story behind Bartender in the video below, and the app itself if you're tired of men...

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TUAW Origin Stories: PDF Cabinet

PDF Cabinet is one of many PDF tools on the App Store, but Cabinet features some niceties like real-time collaboration and drag-and-drop document management. It also sports a skeumorphic or "real-world" look, complete with stitched leather, if you're into that sort of thing. In the video belo...

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TUAW Origin Stories: Cydia

This was a special treat for me, being a huge fan of anyone who hacks a closed system to make it better. In this Origin Stories we learn how Jay Freeman (saurik) got started in programming and how he came to create Cydia. Cydia is the premiere "alternative" apps venue outside Apple's own App ...

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TUAW Origin Stories: EleMints

The developer of EleMints, Dimitri Bouniol, started programming as a kid and picked up iPhone programming quite fast. While he's moved on from chemistry, find out why he created EleMints in the video below. Origin Stories is a continuing series on TUAW highlighting the purpose behind apps and h...

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