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Origin Stories: Kelly Hodgkins

Looking back, I should have known that I would end up working in science and technology. As a kid, I loved exploring how things worked -- from mixing different colors and type of soaps in the sink to taking apart our radio. My favorite Christmas gift was the chemistry set shown above. Look how thr...

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Origin Stories: Steve Sande

I certainly didn't start my career with plans to become a blogger and editor at one of the world's most active Apple websites. When I was a child dreaming about a future career path, computer science barely registered on the "What I want to do when I grow up" list since only corporations owned roo...

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Origin Stories: Dave Caolo

I didn't see an Apple computer until I was in college. My family had a series of beater computers when I was young, and my first Internet experiences were with Prodigy. I thought it was fun, even when the Internet was little more than posting conversations on bulletin boards. I wish I could say tha...

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Origin Stories: Michael T. Rose

Most of my generational cohort should remember the first few times they actually saw or laid hands on a personal computer. I'm pretty sure I do; my childhood friend Bradley Konia was the guy who always had the most interesting gadgets, and he claimed both a Sinclair ZX80 and an Atari 800 in his co...

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Origin Stories: Victor Agreda, Jr.

I was lucky. My mom and dad had me while they were finishing up their graduate work in the 1970's at North Carolina State University. My dad was, at the time, a bit of a gadget nut. Of course, back then "gadgets" were more commonly found in the kitchen and came from companies like Ronco. My dad wa...

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Origin Stories: Saul Mora, developer

While the Origin Stories series has typically focused on products, in the coming weeks we're going to focus a bit more on the people and personalities behind the products. In this episode I spoke to Saul Mora of Magical Panda during the MacTech Conference in 2012 to learn about how he got started ...

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Origin Stories: Naturespace

I've always been a sucker for soundscapes -- those looping sound effect CD's that whisk you away to the beach, or a rainforest or whatever. As I have a hard time "shutting down" my brain, these sounds give me something to get lost in and focus on, helping relax me. I think it's the same way for a ...

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Origin Stories: Index Card helps organize your notes like its real world namesake

If you've ever used index cards to organize lots of notes or ideas, take a look at Index Card by Dennis Vogel. Available for iPad and iPhone, Index Card is ideal for researchers and fiction writers who need to put cards on a wall, but need that wall to go with them. A good example of skeumorphic d...

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Origin Stories: Graze is an alternative browser for iPhone

Why create a browser for iOS when Safari ships with every device? Creator Dave Wilson explains the numerous features in Graze, a browser for iOS. It has a very different user interface, and adds gesture controls and additional browsing oomph for iOS that has yet to be seen in Apple's Safari. While...

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Origin Stories: Tango Remote allows you to control music using iOS devices only

I've run into this issue a number of times while producing comedy shows: I want to play intro music for a comedian, but I don't have a staff available to sit there and punch buttons on my iPad. Enter Tango Remote, a handy tool which allows you to remotely control your playlists from iOS to iOS dev...

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Origin Stories: Vectrex offers nostalgic gameplay

If you were a kid in the 1980's you may remember the oddball consumer gaming console called the Vectrex. Notable for it's use of vectors instead of bitmapped graphics (like every other console), the Vectrex never quite took hold but before it was discontinued a number of fun retro games were made ...

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Origin Stories: EpicSesh aims to improve sports tracking with Xensr

While the iPhone has GPS, and it's good enough for most people, performance-oriented athletes may find the precision lacking. Enter EpicSesh, makers of the Xensr line of "sports motion-sensing devices." While it looks like the sensors are still undergoing testing, the promise is that athletes will...

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Origin Stories: Hopper

Hopper is a Mac app for deconstructing binaries for analysis and debugging. If you're not a developer, it's probably not for you, but it's a cool tool nonetheless, built from scratch by a developer who built it himself. Once again a developer needed something, didn't like what was out there and...

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Origin Stories: Setlists

Do you perform on a stage with a setlist? Most bands do, and even some comedians. Enter Setlists, created by a group of musicians as a virtual piece of paper for their setlist to display on the iPad. Setlists offers all the flexibility of a digital display and text in a searchable system with...

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Origin Stories: Sage Board Games

Codito Development is behind Sage Board Games, a company which has been cranking out iOS versions of board games for a few years now. Perhaps most notably, Sage has released a number of classic Reiner Knizia games, but they also publish Ravensburger's Puerto Rico and recently released Uwe Rosen...

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