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GIMP now (finally) available as a native Mac app

This is something that's been a long time coming, and it's finally here. GIMP is an excellent Photoshop-esque open source photo editor. While it's been available on Mac for a long time, it has required the X11 Window environment, which itself needs a separate (and somewhat messy) installation. ...

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Notational Velocity ALT adds Markdown support and widescreen view

The runaway success of the iPad has provoked significant demand amongst people who want to seamlessly edit cloud-synced files across their iOS devices and their computers. We've seen a lot of apps vying to be the iOS part of that solution (such as SimpleNote, Elements, WriteRoom, Edito and a whole ...

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Shiira 2.0 goes official

We've seen the betas for quite some time now, but Shiira v2.0 - the feature-packed open source browser based on the same WebKit that powers Apple's Safari - has gone official. As far as I can tell, the feature list hasn't changed wildly from beta into this full version, but check out some of the s...

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Return of the pineapple: HandBrake 0.8.5b1

First there was HandBrake, then MediaFork... and now, well, just don't call it a comeback: HandBrake 0.8.5b1 is out, incorporating all the library updates from the MediaFork build of the free, open source DVD converter/compressor and adding some new goodies: • User presets • AppleTV and PS...

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Adium devs need YOU

Adium 1.0.1 is a great (and long-awaited) release for the free & open-source multiplatform chat client. The work, however, continues, and the Adium developers are politely asking for your help. First, there are a slew of items that need user feedback, and you can do that, right? Second, additio...

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MAMP Pro due to ship today

If you're in the web application development world, you know what LAMP means; for everyone else, it's Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP, the core technologies of gazillions of websites and the defacto "standard stack" for any database-driven project. While every Mac OS X Server install includes all the AMP com...

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As runs the fox so flies the bird

Right behind the update to Firefox, the Mozilla crew has bumped resident email/news/RSS client Thunderbird to version Several security and bugfix changes are included. You can lift your wings and download it at I will admit that I've never used Thunderbird on a regular basis, ...

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A bootloader for the rest of us

Chalk this one up to a colleague's complaining. One of my cohorts was the mostly-happy recipient of a shiny MacBook Pro today, and he was setting up Boot Camp (with the eventual intent of configuring Linux as well as OS X & Windows) and griping that he wanted to see the EFI bootloader on every...

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Apple modifies Public Source License to thwart hackers

The InsanelyMac Forum has a post concerning an apparent modification Apple made to their Public Source License, the license that guards the open source portions of Mac OS X such as its Unix kernel, called Darwin. The changes the InsanelyMac Forum cite seem to have been made to set up another roadblo...

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NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta released with Early Access Program

NeoOffice, everyone's favorite implementation of OpenOffice in java, has released a v.2 beta of their suite with a new and improved Aqua-friendly interface. This new version is based on a recent version of OpenOffice (2.0.3), which includes apps for word processing, databases, spreadsheets, drawing...

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Clarification: Apple has not closed the Intel-based Darwin kernel

OSNews is reporting that Ernest Prabhakar, Apple's Open Source and Open Standards product manager, has stated in the Fed-Talk mailing that Apple has not actually closed Mac OS X's Darwin kernel for the Intel version of the OS; they simply haven't released it yet. Speculation about Apple closing the ...

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How To: Run other OSes on your Mac with Parallels Workstation

Parallels has been creating a lot of buzz with their Workstation software that allows Intel Mac users to run almost any version of Windows, Linux and many other OSs right inside of Mac OS X, without the need for shutting down what you're doing in Mac OS X to reboot into the other OS. This 'virtuali...

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Triple boot your MacBook Pro

Booting only two OSs on your MacBook Pro is, like, totally so last week. Aside from earlier reports, it apparently is possible to bring a third OS to the party, as has posted a how-to wiki for booting WinXP, Mac OS X and Linux on a MacBook Pro via Boot Camp (so far, this is untested on ot...

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