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Chitika: Mac OS X market share jumps in September

Chitika Insights grabs online advertising data to monitor and report on Internet trends, one of which is the market share of various computer operating systems. There was a surprise reported for Mac OS X in the latest report -- the market share for Apple's desktop/laptop OS climbed 1.039 to 10....

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MacBook Air, Mac mini drive strong Q3 sales

The NPD group released its sales data for the current quarter and things are looking good for Apple. Mac sales are up 22% year-over-year due primarily to the release of OS X Lion and new MacBook Air and Mac Mini hardware in July. In a research note, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster crunched...

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OS X Lion accepts any LDAP password, creates enterprise network nightmare

There's nothing more frightening to a network administrator than to have a potential security hole that can open a network to attacks from outside. Unfortunately, the latest incarnation of Mac OS X -- Lion -- reportedly has a major security issue related to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol...

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Mac sales climb after launch of OS X Lion and new MacBook Airs

Apple's current quarterly earnings should receive a nice boost from brisk sales of Mac hardware says analysts. This summer increase can be attributed to the July introduction of OS X Lion and new MacBook Air and Mac mini models. The latest NPD report suggests Mac sales may climb 26% year over...

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OS X Lion 10.7.2 seed 2 now available for developers

Numerous tipsters have advised us that OS X Lion 10.7.2 seed 2 has been made available to developers. Notification of the update was sent to developers yesterday afternoon. According to information sent to TUAW by developers, there are no known issues with the seed, which indicates that 10.7.2 m...

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Daily Update for August 17, 2011

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top stories of the day in three to five minutes, which is perfect for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline pla...

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Lion 10.7.1 now available in Software Update (Updated)

The long-awaited first update to OS X Lion, version 10.7.1, has just hit Software Update. The update is relatively small, weighing in at 17.4 MB for an iMac, and requires a reboot after installation. Apple recommends backing up your Mac prior to updating. The update: Addresses an issue...

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Mac 101: Creating a recovery disk using Recovery Disk Assistant

Lion's recovery partition is a wonderful idea, but doesn't really help out if your hard drive fails. That's why yesterday's announcement of the Recovery Disk Assistant from Apple was welcome news to a lot of people who were trying to figure out how they could easily create a recovery disk on exte...

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Boot Camp in Lion requires Windows 7

Apple's latest version of OS X 10.7 Lion ships with Boot Camp 4 which, according to an Apple support document, only runs Windows 7. Previous versions of Windows like Vista and XP are no longer supported. There's no reason for this change, but Apple, like Microsoft, is likely increasing its focu...

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Verizon updates VZAccess Manager software for Lion

Mac owners with a Verizon Wireless mobile broadband device can finally update their system to Lion. Verizon's VZ Access Manager software, which is required to connect to the carrier's mobile broadband network, is now compatible with the latest version of Apple's OS X software. The following dev...

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Apple introduces new Mac mini with faster processors, Thunderbolt, server option

Besides its MacBook Air model, Apple also introduced a new Mac mini -- which lacks a previously standard component, as the new mini has no optical drive. It does support Apple's remote drive software, allowing you to use another Mac or PC's optical drive over the network. The latest version...

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OS X 10.7 Lion and Lion Server released. Available Now in Mac App Store

If you had today marked off on your Lion release day lottery card, congratulations! Apple has finally released OS X 10.7 Lion and Lion Server. Before you do anything else, make sure you have a backup of your Mac; Time Machine is good, and adding a bootable clone is even better. You may have no...

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OS X Lion rumors: Do we want to believe 'em or not?

I don't know if you've noticed a trend, but at TUAW we've been trying to downplay a lot of the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion / MacBook Air refresh rumors that have been flooding a lot of other sites lately. The occasional one squeaks in, but for the most part we're trying to stay away from the daily "IT'S C...

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TUAW Talkcast: The Lion schleps tonight at 10 PM EDT

Sung to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" Cupertino, oh Cupertino, Will Lion ship this week? Oh Steve Jobso, Let OS Lion go, And make us happy geek(s)! Refrain: Windowsaway, windowsaway, windowsaway, windowsaway Windowsaway, windowsaway, windowsaway, windowsaway Infinite Lo...

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Sandvox updated for Lion; Karelia wants to lure iWeb orphans

If the impending loss of MobileMe has you wondering how you will maintain and create websites, Sandvox is worth a look. It's more powerful than iWeb, but still easy enough for most beginners. We took a look at Sandvox in May, and now the folks at Karelia are offering a pretty painless path to swi...

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