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Tag: osxmavericks

Adobe: Flash Player now sandboxed in Safari on OS X Mavericks

In a move that is designed to make playing Flash content on your Mac more secure, Adobe has announced that Flash Player is sandboxed in Safari on OS X Mavericks. A sandbox profile for the Flash plugin was created by Adobe for inclusion in the Webkit project, with Webkit being the browser engine behi...

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Skitch updated with OS X Mavericks compatibility, spiffy new icon

Bloggers -- and many others -- rely on their screenshot apps to capture and annotate images. That's why it's irritating (I'm looking at you, SnapzPro X) when an app isn't updated to work with a new operating system release. Fortunately, the powers-that-be at Evernote have come to the rescue of tho...

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OS X Mavericks: Export as PDF from the File menu

Apple's OS X Mavericks offers more than 200 new features, many of which are overshadowed by marquee additions like Finder tags and iCloud Keychain. I've fallen in love with a lesser-known feature that's already saved me lots of time: Export as PDF from the File menu. Previously, you could convert a...

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Video tip: Sending directions from OS X Mavericks Maps app to your iPhone

If you have a Mac equipped with OS X Mavericks and an iPhone with iOS 7, you can search for directions with the Maps app on your Mac and then send them to your iPhone. It's a great demonstration of how the two operating systems work together, and it can help you find your way as well. As with all...

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Linus Torvalds: 'free' OS X Mavericks is no threat to Linux

After yesterday's surprise announcement of the free upgrade to OS X Mavericks, some Twitter wags and industry pundits assumed that the free OS would be a danger to the continued existence of Linux. Speaking at LinuxCon Europe today in Edinburgh, Scotland, Linux creator Linus Torvalds was quick to ...

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OS X Mavericks video tip: Using Automator and Speakable Items to control your Mac by voice

Earlier today, I highlighted some of the changes to Automator and AppleScript in OS X Mavericks. One of those feature changes involves the ability for Automator workflows and applications to be saved as Speakable Items. Speakable Items are items that can be launched by voice through the use of speec...

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Lifehacker video describes OS X Mavericks secret features

It's always fun to find out what all the new hidden features that an operating system upgrade provides, and OS X Mavericks is chock-full of goodies. The folks over at Lifehacker put together a quick video that shows off a number of features that you may not have known about. If you've come up wit...

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Mavericks' dock-on-every-monitor feature doesn't work for me

One of the features I was most looking forward to with the release of Mavericks was the promise that I could have access to the menu bar and Dock on every monitor. It might seem like a minor tweak, but it's always annoyed me that I had to pick one of my screens to be "in charge" of things, when I'...

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AppleScript and Automator gain new features in OS X Mavericks

Mac power users love to play with scripting and automation. If there's something that's repetitive that needs to be done, it's a lot easier just to either use Automator to automate the process or write an AppleScript to dive in a little deeper. With OS X Mavericks, it appears that Apple has added so...

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Getting TextExpander to work with Mavericks (Updated)

If you've installed Apple's Mavericks on your Mac, you may have noticed that TextExpander won't work right away. That's because you've got to tell the OS that TextExpander has permission to control your Mac. However, the process isn't clear. Fortunately for you, I've figured it out. Here's how to ge...

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Alternatives to AirDrop between iPhone and Mac

Like a lot of you, one of the first things I did when I had both OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 (in beta form) on my devices was to try AirDrop. I mean, it's been in OS X for a while and it was added to iOS 7, so of course you're going to be able to zap files back and forth between your iPhone and Mac, ...

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How Mavericks ruined Apple Mail for Gmail users

Sorry, Mail. My fledging relationship with you was just killed thanks to OS X Mavericks. TidBITS confirmed what I suspected the first time I launched Apple Mail after upgrading to Mavericks on Tuesday -- Gmail and Apple Mail are no longer friends. It was always a tenuous relationship to begin wit...

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John Siracusa posts his mammoth OS X Mavericks review

With OS X Mavericks now available for download via the Mac App Store -- for free mind you -- it's high time for John Siracusa's typically exhaustive review of Apple's latest OS X update. In case you're unfamiliar, Siracusa, of Ars Technica, writes absolutely epic OS X reviews that leave no stone ...

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OS X Mavericks is available for download now

Barely 30 minutes after the end of Apple's October event, OS X Mavericks is available as a free download. Click the link to grab it now, or you can get it by running a search for the software on the App Store....

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iWork redesigned from the ground up, available today for free

iWork has been overhauled from the ground up, and here's a look at some of the features Apple introduced today. The new Keynote was used in Apple's presentation. You can glimpse other features in the screenshot above: Full file compatibility New UI Collaboration added to iWork for iCloud Pa...

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