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Otterbox's Reflex Case shown off at CES ShowStoppers 2011

Mobile device case manufacturer Otterbox was at the ShowStoppers event here at CES 2011 in Las Vegas, and the company showed us its new Reflex series of cases. The company borrowed some pretty solid tech to make this protective case -- they called it a "single layer, dual density" product, which me...

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TUAW review and giveaway: OtterBox Defender case for iPhone 4

Judging from the number of entries for our recent giveaway of two OtterBox iPad cases, most of you are familiar with the excellent products made by the Colorado company. Shortly after the end of the iPad case giveaway, I was surprised to find another box at my door from OtterBox containing one of th...

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TUAW review and giveaway: OtterBox Defender / Commuter for iPad

Right off the bat, let me get the record straight -- I am a huge fan of OtterBox cases. I've used them on my last two iPhones and had used them pre-iPhone on a number of handheld devices. If you're into leather or style, then you probably won't be excited about the design of OtterBox products. But i...

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TUAW Review & Giveaway: OtterBox Commuter / Commuter TL iPhone cases

After the debacle earlier this year when I lost my iPhone 3G, I decided to not only protect the new phone -- my lost 3G had been "naked" -- but make sure that whatever I used to protect it had a bit of heft. My choice of case was the locally-grown (Fort Collins, CO) OtterBox Defender, which fit th...

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Don't try this at home

Or at the pool, or at the beach. It seems a French fellow was proud of his new iPhone 3GS and was taking pictures around the pool when the sort of inevitable happened. Yup, in the drink. Amazingly, the iPhone survived the underwater ordeal, and even recorded [YouTube link] the trip. Allegedly. I w...

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Road Tested: Otterbox's serious iPhone case

I bought my 4GB iPhone way back on June 29th, 2007, release day for the US. Upon removing it from its box, all shiny and smooth, I thought, "I need a case for this thing." I'm what you call scratch-phobic. But then I saw the rigorous torture test that PCWorld subjected their unit to, and was persuad...

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Otterbox: Waterproof goodness now for 5G iPod

If you've been dying to go swimming with your 5G iPod (maybe you just need to watch Steve Zissou underwater), there is a more appetizing option than the fugly H2O swimbelt. Luckily Otterbox has released an iPod 5G waterproof case as an update to its line of iPod waterproof stuff we've reported on pr...

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