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OWC offers 480 GB SSD for 2010 MacBook Air

If you want to give your 2010 MacBook Air a competitive edge with the largest solid state drive available for your notebook, then check out the Mercury Aura Pro Express line from Other World Computing (OWC). The third-party SSD is available in 180, 240, 360 and 480 GB capacities and fits both t...

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Ask TUAW Video Edition: Cloning Data

Douglas asks how to upgrade his hard drive and clone his Mac and Bootcamp data to the new one. We discuss new hard drives, enclosures, and cloning processes. Some resources for everyone: Carbon Copy Clone - More Info SuperDuper - More Info WinClone - Download Norton Ghost - More...

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OWC introduces 8 GB RAM modules for 2011 MacBooks

If, like many who've just purchased one of the brand new MacBook Pros released last week, you still have US$1,600 rattling around in your change purse, OWC have just the thing for you - a pair of 8 GB SODIMMs. A 16 GB memory upgrade is just what you need to give your shiny new MacBook the oomph...

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Some 2008 MacBooks, MacBook Pros can accept 8 GB of RAM

Older Core 2 Duo MacBook and MacBook Pros from late 2008 may support 8 GB of RAM, according to hardware parts vendor Other World Computer. Other World Computer discovered that a newer version of the EFI, when combined with an updated Boot ROM, would let the computer use the full 8 GB of RAM wit...

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Hands-on with the OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual mini SSD

When I think of RAID, I usually envision a large box full of whirring drives installed in a rack, not a quiet little box that I can connect to a MacBook. Thanks to Other World Computing, the way I visualize RAID will have to change. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the term RAID, it st...

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MacBook Air SSD upgrades to ship next week from OWC

Other World Computing (OWC) wowed us today by announcing its Mercury Aura Pro Express Solid State Drive (SSD) line, an SSD upgrade option for all 2010 MacBook Airs. They offer greater speed than Apple's factory offerings and much more storage. OWC claims peak data rates of 275 MB/s, making them u...

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3TB HD, triple SSD iMac turnkey drive upgrades available from OWC

In the never-ending search for bigger and faster storage options, Mac users have a number of sources for hard drives, but OWC has been a favorite for many Apple fans since the late 1980s. Now the company is offering a set of turnkey eSATA add-ons and upgrades for mid-2010 27" iMacs that should make...

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MacBook makeovers bring new life to a couple of old laptops

Last weekend provided not one, but two opportunities for me to do some upgrades to some "old" MacBooks to bring 'em up to workable condition. To start with, one client of mine wanted to get rid of an unused MacBook, so I decided to purchase it from her as a machine for training. The other client h...

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TUAW TV Live: Talkin' tech with Tim

We're back for another fun hour (or two) of TUAW TV Live, today with guest Tim Robertson. Tim's a longtime Mac blogger and podcaster, and he's currently the host of OWC Radio at Other World Computing. Tim's always a lot of fun to converse with, and you never know what kind of trouble the two of us w...

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TUAW TV Live: Coming your way today at 5 PM EDT

Wednesdays are always a special day here at TUAW, because it means that not only is there one less day in the week that Apple can spring a new surprise announcement on us, but it's also the day for TUAW TV Live. Join your host Steve Sande and special guest Tim Robertson for an hour of discussion ...

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OWC offers DIY kits for Mac minis, laptops

Other World Computing (best known on the net as OWC) has released more than 50 storage upgrade kits for laptops and the Mac mini. The kits start at $65.99 and include everything for do-it-yourself replacements including: A new drive ranging from 250GB to 1TB. An enclosure for your old drive...

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NewerTech releases the iFolio luxury iPad case

With just a few days to go before we can actually get our hands on an iPad, Newer Technology Inc., better known to us as NewerTech, has introduced quite a fancy custom handcrafted Brazilian leather protective carrying case for the iPad. It's made in the US and comes in either black or red at an i...

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I have seen the future, and it's SSD

On the Macworld show floor, I didn't really see one specific product that blew me away. What I did see, however, is the next big concept that's going to not only blow all of us away, but it will change the way we relate to our computers. It's the SSD (solid state drive) and it's almost ready for ...

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Macworld 2010: OWC's Grant Dahlke demos USB 3.0 drive, fastest SSD

Mac expansion powerhouse Other World Computing always has something incredible to show off at Macworld Expo, and there was no doubt about it when we visited the OWC booth on Thursday. OWC's Grant Dahlke displayed some of the new products coming out from the company, including their first USB 3.0 ...

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TUAW Review: OWC Mercury On-The-Go SSD

A few weeks ago, we ran a short post about the release of OWC's Mercury On-The-Go Solid-State Drives. The drives, which come in the same miniscule transparent drive enclosures used by OWC for the rest of the bus-powered drive line, use SSD technology to provide users with more shock resistance and h...

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