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Packrat 0.8 - edit Backpack lists, display images

In mid-April, Rod Schmidt asked for feedback as to whether he should release editing features in Packrat, his Backpack syncing client, as he develops them. From what I saw, the response was largely in favor of doing so, and yesterday Rod announced on his blog that Packrat 0.8 has taken the first ste...

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Help shape Packrat's development

The author of Packrat, the app that lets you download your Backpack information for offline viewing, is requesting feedback on his blog as to Packrat's development. Specifically, he's working on adding editing features to Packrat, and he's wondering whether users would like to see the app released w...

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Take Backpack offline with Packrat

Backpack is the online organizational tool by 37 Signals that makes it super easy to keep track of your stuff. You can even have several people collaborate on a given project, all on their own time schedules. It's pretty useful and well executed (I've been using it for a while now). But what if you ...

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