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Tag: painting

Layers released for iPad

When I was at the Apple Store on Tuesday test driving an iPad, the girl next to me with her parents was asking about drawing programs she could use. I immediately suggested Layers to them, which we initially reviewed last summer. There are several excellent drawing programs for the iPhone, but...

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First Look: Layers for iPhone, natural media painting app

The very talented Ben Gotow has just released a brand new iPhone app called Layers, his third now after Mathomatic and NetSketch (iTunes links). Layers, not to be confused with the innovative screen capture application on the Mac desktop, is a natural media painting app for the iPhone. Stating the...

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Can you believe it? New Yorker cover done on iPhone app.

Looking at the cover of the June 1 New Yorker Magazine it is pretty hard to believe that it was created with a US$4.99 app on an iPhone. The app is Brushes [App Store] and it allows painting on the iPhone /iPod touch screen using your fingers and a variety of brush styles. If you have a Mac, you...

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Apple art redux: David Hockney paints on an iPhone

This seems to be the week for that magical intersection of Apple and art. On Wednesday TUAW highlighted a Warhol serigraph that's up for auction at a gallery in Portland, Oregon; now TUAW reader Tristan tipped us off to a post on the Daily Mail website about renowned British artist David Hockney...

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ArtRage 2: natural media painting on the cheap

ArtRage 2 is a cool, inexpensive "natural media" painting program from Ambient Design. It's cross-platform, and it shows to some degree in its single window interface. The tool palettes, for example, aren't free floating windows, but rather part of the main window as you see above. Nonetheless, it...

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