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Panasonic Link-to-Cell Docking Station for iPhone

Some of us who haven't been able to give up the old landline phone are "blessed" with an overabundance of handsets. Not only do we have our iPhones with us all the time, but there are also handsets scattered about so when a landline call comes in -- usually a phone solicitation -- we can grab it. ...

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Panasonic app uses AR to place your new big screen dreams

Just in time for the weekend, this is about the wackiest use of augmented reality that we've seen yet. The Panasonic Viera AR Setup Simulator is a brand new free app in the App Store that uses AR to put a virtual big screen television right in your living room, so you can see what it looks like...

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Panasonic's iPhone-powered augmented reality T-shirt

This little video shows off what most of the augmented reality features we've seen so far look like; they're cool, but not all that practical or useful. The idea is supposed to be an ad campaign for Panasonic's 3D televisions, so they gave away special AR shirts and a free iPhone app. If you find...

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A dozen daily deals, day four

The Daily Deals just keep on coming from our friends at DealNews.com. Even though today is Sunday, you still have time to hit the Internets and pick up some more great deals for all your holiday shopping needs. After all, there are only 25 shopping days until Christmas, so you better get busy. Here ...

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Panasonic CEO left CES to see Jobs introduce iPhone

As if Apple's spotlight isn't large enough lately, it appears they stole some of CES's 15 minutes with the announcement of the iPhone. Forbes is reporting that Yoshi Yamada, CEO of Panasonic, left CES on Tuesday and traveled 600 miles to see Steve Jobs' iPhone-unveiling keynote (perhaps he knew he w...

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