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Pie Guy: A web game for the iPhone

Back when the iPhone was first announced, there was no SDK, you'll remember. Jobs said that developers could just make web apps, and that they would be good enough. Of course, he was wrong -- given what you can do with your iPhone now compared to what you could do with your iPhone then, even Steve ...

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Prices so low, they're practically insane: Panic 3-day sale is on

It's been hinted at for a few days, but Cabel Sasser and the rest of the crew at Panic Software may have accidentally slipped some mind-altering substances into their last batch of Coda Cookies; how else to explain a three-day, 50%-off sale on all of the company's well-designed and well-regarded a...

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Transmit 3.6.7 is available

Earlier this week, one of the applications that I use every day, Panic's Transmit, was updated to version 3.6.7. Since the previous version was 3.6.6, this seems like a minor update, but it does bring some welcome bug fixes, including Re-worked preview drawer to avoids possible transfer stalls...

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Coda 1.6 released, offers plug-in support

A cheery little dialog box informed me just a few minutes ago that Coda 1.6 is available from the fine folks at Panic. Coda is a one-window web-development and editing environment that is one of my favorite apps, and one that we've covered here before. Coda 1.6 introduces a plug-in architecture tha...

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Coda updated to 1.5.1

Lost in the din of yesterday's Apple announcements, Panic has updated Coda, its all-in-one website editing tool, to 1.5.1. The update largely fixes possible crashes, issues with source control, and squashes several bugs. CFML syntax coloring has been improved, and the release notes promise more syn...

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Transmit turns 10, we Panic

Milestones come and go, but the big milestone of the day was 10 years in the making. Panic's Co-founder, Steven Frank, noted on his personal website that their flagship product, Transmit turned 10 years old. Transmit, originally called "Transit," was released on September 8, 1998. Who knows, without...

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Panic releases Coda 1.5

Panic has released Coda 1.5, a free update to my favorite all-in-one web development application. Coda 1.5 adds several major new features, including find-and-replace across multiple files and a fully-integrated Subversion client. Also included in the update is a user-customizable bookshelf, which...

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Transmit 3.6.6 relieves .Mac sync problems

Panic recently updated their Transmit software to version 3.6.6 after the previous (3.6.5) update caused problems with syncing over .Mac. Steven Frank (co-founder of Panic) wrote on his personal blog about the issue. According to Steven, "TransmitSync," a service that syncs Transmit favorites with ....

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Panic releases Coda developer's resource

Coda is Panic's awesome all-in-one web worker's application that we've written about before. We even got a nice first hand look at this month's Macworld Expo. Today, the folks at Panic have released a Developer Zone for Coda, which is full of great resources like video tutorials, quick tips, handy A...

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Shawn Blanc examines Panic's Coda

Shawn Blanc continues his outstanding series of Mac software reviews by looking at Coda, the all-in-one web worker's application from Coda (we've mentioned Coda several times). He explores Coda's performance as a text editor, CSS editor, FTP client and more, while extolling the little touches like t...

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Show floor video: Panic's Coda provides one-stop Web authoring

We've talked about Coda plenty here, but it was nice to find the Panic crew on the show floor and get a quick overview of Coda's interface and capabilities. If you're looking for a single tool to do web authoring, check out Sandvox, Rapidweaver, and Coda for your needs. Video after the jump....

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Candybar 3.1.2 is ready to go

The developers at Panic have released CandyBar version 3.1.2. If you're unfamiliar, CandyBar 3 is a super simple and fun way to customize Mac OS X's icons and dock (Leopard required). Version 3 introduced some very cool features - like Pixadex integration - that make this killer app even cooler. Cha...

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Transmit: An exhaustive review

Blogger Shawn Blanc is at it again. After writing a thorough exploration of NetNewsWire, he's turned his attention to Transmit, Panic's popular FTP client. He starts with the origin of Panic and Transit 1.0 (there was no "M" back then) before looking at the Transmit we all know and love, comparing i...

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Panic releases Transmit 3.6.3

Earlier this week, Panic released Transmit 3.6.3. If you're unfamiliar, Transmit is the FTP application that's loved by many (including us). Version 3.6.3 offers improved Leopard and Amazon S3 compatibility, French and German localization and several bug fixes. If you haven't tried it out, take this...

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Panic updates Coda to version 1.1

Hot on the heels of a rather brilliant update to CandyBar, developers par excellence Panic have updated their all-in-one-window web development application Coda to version 1.1. As the release notes show, there are more little updates for version 1.1 than you can shake a (fairly sizable) stick at, in...

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