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Parallels Desktop Finally Ships

We've been noting the steady stream of Release Candidates coming out of Parallels, but today finally saw the actual release of latest version of the leading (for now) virtualization solution for the Mac. So now those hardy (or prudent) souls out there who actually wait for a shipping product can jum...

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Parallels Desktop for Mac Release Candidate 3

The Parallels team today issued Release Candidate 3 of Parallels Desktop, their virtualization software that we've mentioned once or twice. While their announcement blog post only touts two major new features (the ability to seamlessly upgrade a WinXP VM to Vista & a more secure file sharing pro...

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Found Footage: VMWare Fusion To Bring 3D Hardware Acceleration

We've all been waiting patiently for Parallels to deliver on their promise to add hardware accelerated 3D graphics support in their Intel Mac virtualization solution, Parallels Desktop. Apparently, however, competitor VMware already has some working code. The above video, featuring 3D accelerated...

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Intel GM has "religious experience," buys a Mac

Hexus has an interview with Pat Gelsinger, Intel's GM of their Digital Enterprise Group, in which he describes crossing "the religious boundary" by purchasing a Mac. Note how the interviewer reacts and grimaces around 1:41 when Pat drops the bomb, and how he has to interrupt Pat to announce his newf...

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Walkthrough: Running Windows Vista on your Intel Mac with Parallels Desktop

I managed to get Vista running on my MacBook Pro in both a copy of Parallels Desktop and Boot Camp, but this post is only going to cover the Parallels side of things; my Boot Camp post is still in the kettle. For the most part, I would say Vista runs in Parallels Desktop just 'ok,' as opposed to 'r...

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Parallels Desktop official in Apple Stores with rebate offer

I was in an Apple Store here in CO yesterday and noticed that retail boxes of Parallels Desktop have arrived on the shelves. In fact, I had a nice discussion with a customer who was switching because he could now run Windows on a new Mac (he never considered Virtual PC an option - I personally don't...

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