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Tag: parenting

Daily iPhone App: Artkive helps you save your child's artwork for posterity

I first learned about Artkive last week at an event here in LA, put on by Technori and designed to show off some of the best startup ideas in the City of Angels. The company has been around for quite a while, and has picked up a whole lot of buzz from mom bloggers and the parenting industry (wh...

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Parent iPhones can track kids' non-iPhones with MobileKids

The delicate dance of independence, safety and personal boundaries between anxious parents and digital-generation kids is always tricky. Some apps and device usages are A-OK, some are a highly concentrated essence of bad choices (looking at you, Snapchat) -- but most fall into a gray area, subj...

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Mom gives son iPhone with 18-point contract

Blogger and mother Janelle Burley Hofman gave her 13-year-old son, Gregory, an iPhone for Christmas. That's a pretty great gift. The iPhone came with a rather special accessory in the form of an 18-point contract between mother and son, which must be observed to the letter. Highlights include: ...

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Parents with questions may find guidance in Questioning Autism? app

It's the rare mom or dad who's never spent a sleepless night wondering "Is my kid OK?" Developmental issues, in particular, can be a nightmare to classify and confirm. Normal variations between children may mean that a milestone delay is nothing to worry about; for another child, when seen in con...

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How a kid-friendly app leaks mature content via YouTube

With the rose-hued glasses of nostalgia firmly in place, today's tech-tangled parents may long for a simpler pre-Internet time when kids simply got into fights or stayed out too late, rather than getting tangled up in sexting mishaps or giving out inappropriate personal info on Facebook. For ...

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What happens in a toddler's brain when they use an iPad

Those of us who have used traditional computers for a while think the iPad is pretty magical. t's super fast, super portable, and the direct interactivity is a very different experience from what we're used to with a mouse and keyboard. But those comparisons aren't as valid for children who are...

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An iPod touch for kids and parents: one dad's guide

I've been separated for about two years now; as any part-time custodial parent will tell you, it can be tricky to communicate with the kids when you're not around as much. This past Christmas I decided to get an iPod touch for each of my kids. At the time, they were living about 30 minutes away...

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The iPad and parenting

Parents with young children are often faced with a difficult decision when it comes to the iPhone and iPad. Kids love Apple's mobile devices! They are bright, colorful, responsive and easy to use. They can be used as a tool to help young children learn their colors, shapes and letters. And a re...

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Foto Find: Angry Birds breakfast

This is super cute -- a breakfast styled to look just like the popular Angry Birds app. A woman had some complications during her pregnancy, and she was bedridden and restricted to only eating certain types of food during childbirth. So, her husband started making food art, using the various foods ...

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Great iPhone applications for parents

Our sister site ParentDish has posted an article on their favorite iPhone/iPod touch applications for parents. As an iPhone-toting dad, I've used mine to keep the little nippers busy with cute applications, but Sarah James has found even better options, including Baby Monitor Did you forget to br...

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Do your kids play with your iPhone?

Once my kids were beyond putting random technology into their mouths, I have let them play with gadgets. But what about my iPhone? It started innocently enough: a Leapster for a birthday. Then I cleaned out the garage and let them "borrow" a few antique Palm devices. Then I got them hooked on an old...

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Talkcast tonight + follow-up on Mac parenting show

We're back tonight at 10 pm on TalkShoe for the weekly talkcast; it's news of the week and general conversation tonight with the usual suspects, so put down your barbeque fork and your malt beverage and tune in if you can. Got specific questions or concerns? You can slide them into the comments belo...

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Next talkcast: Parenting with Mac moms & dads

We had a fun time on the ol' TUAW talkcast last Sunday, with panelists Christina Warren, Dave Caolo, Erica Sadun and reader Brett Peters (yes, the broken iPhone guy). Brett had a sad saga of MacBook Air performance woes to tell -- his machine refused to run on two cores under moderate load, apparent...

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