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Tag: parody

Siri takes security to the extreme in parody video

Siri has many useful features, but here's one you won't find in Apple's documentation. This video from Aatma Studio showcases a new self-destruct feature that would make Dan Briggs or Jim Phelps proud. You can check out the YouTube video below. ...

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Goodnight, iPad parody by author Ann Droyd

Goodnight Moon is a classic children's bedtime story whose singsong words lull a child to sleep. In a digital-inspired parody, author Ann Droyd uses the same bouncy storyline to describe the nighttime routine of an iPad-using, TV-watching group of kids. It's all done tongue-in-cheek, even down to ...

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Stephen Colbert exposes Siri biases

Stephen Colbert, America's indispensable authority on absolutely everything, decided to put Siri to the test on the Colbert Report to see if he could find an abortion clinic in Manhattan. Not only does he claim he can't find one, but he says it can't understand foreigners either. Well, Stephen,...

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Conan O'Brien parodies iPhone 5 "loss"

Whether or not a prototype iPhone 5 was actually stolen from a San Francisco bar, the story has caused a media stir as anticipation for the handset rises. Combine that with the story of the pre-release iPhone 4 that disappeared in a California bar last year, and you've got a story ripe for parody....

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Steve Jobs look-alike selling Taiwanese tea

We'll see how long this lasts. Taiwan's Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, its largest food production company, is using a Steve Jobs look-alike for a promotion that involves a iPad 2 giveaway. Shoppers who buy a Tong Yi Cha drink are entered into the contest, as "Steve" explains. Not only d...

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No Comment: Summer fun goes app-crazy with iTowel

Clamura. Fishhook. Surfari, iCod and Ornery Gulls. What does every well-heeled Apple fan and beach bum need? An iTowel with the aforementioned "apps," of course. Check out the full size image here. The towel is the product of the Adventure House marketing communications firm. When it comes to...

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A funnier iPad 2 parody video? [NSFW]

When we posted the banned iPad 2 video, a number of commenters wrote about a funnier one. Let's see if you think they're right. This parody introduction of the iPad 2 comes from dandobi and contains some salty language which is definitely not workplace friendly. It answers the burning questions...

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Conan O'Brien pokes fun at iPad 2

Conan O'Brien takes on the iPad 2 with an amusing parody that pokes fun at the slick video presentations that peppered Apple's iPad 2 announcement and its reality distortion field. The video is located after the break for your viewing pleasure. Just a note for iOS users, the clip is hosted on C...

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Twitter officially suspends parody @CeoSteveJobs account

As reported by Geeksmack last night, Twitter has suspended the @ceoSteveJobs account. We mentioned back in January that a new law in California prohibiting online impersonations put the account at risk, and Twitter had asked for changes. Apparently the description "More than meets the i. As y...

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The Onion imagines Apple's first product release under Tim Cook

In a week filled with Verizon iPhone sales and analyst expectations, it is nice to have some humorous stories to break things up. Thanks to The Onion, Apple fans can take a look ahead at the first big announcement of a product spearheaded by interim CEO Tim Cook. The fleshy version of the MacBook wa...

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BBC comedians have fun with tech talk

Here's a bit of levity for your pre-holiday enjoyment. Comedians Harry Enfield and Ronnie Corbett elevated the play on words to a sublime level with this skit, reminiscent the famous "Fork Handles" bit. A befuddled shopper turns to his grocer for help with his Blackberry and Apple. We won't spoil th...

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Parallels weirds us out with this Eminem/Avatar Mac parody

A warning: The video after the break is one of the weirdest things we've ever seen promoting the Mac OS. Sure, it's from Parallels, and sure, the virtualization software guys know how to sell a switch over to the Mac. But here they've chosen to do it in an extremely weird way, by creating a parody ...

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Steve Young Football for iPad ads spoof 90s commercials

Apparently there is an iPad game behind these crazy commercials, but we posted them mainly because they're hilarious. The spot above will be familiar to anyone who grew up in the '90s as a spoof of the old Crossfire commercials that took a mechanical board game way too seriously. You'd probably be ...

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StarCraft 2 spoofs Apple with the iPistol

I'm going to guess that if you had any interest in StarCraft 2 at all, you probably spent the better part of last week playing it, as Blizzard Entertainment finally released their sequel to one of the most popular real-time strategy games of all time, and according to the critics, it's just as go...

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iPhone 3G stars in parody

The sad thing? The video might be a parody of iOS4 on the iPhone 3G, but it's definitely the truth on my end as well. Still tethered to an iPhone 3G at the moment, utilizing basic services such Maps requires a good minute of finger tapping and waiting for the OS to decide if it wants to launch ...

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