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iSuppli estimates the iPhone 3GS costs $179 to make

Did you know that after it is broken down into all of its composite metals and materials and parts, your human body is really only worth about $4.50? Yup, you're cheap in the broadest sense -- all of that oxygen, magnesium, iron, and sodium isn't actually worth all that much in the rare metals marke...

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iLounge dissects 2G iPod nano, posts gory details

Why, iLounge, why? The 2G iPod nano was announced barely two days ago. It still had its entire product cycle ahead of it! So young, so innocent.. and apparently so ripe for the dismantling. The gurus of all things iPod have dissected what looks like a silver 2G iPod nano (though I'm not sure whethe...

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PBFixit is now iFixit

One of my favorite Mac sites, PBFixit, has been renamed iFixit. iFixit provides parts and great step-by-step repair and upgrade tutorials for the Mac mini, Powerbook G3 (233-500mhz), iBook G3 (300mhz-900mhz) and iBook G4 (800mhz-1.42GHz), plus the titanium and aluminum PowerBooks. The tutorials are ...

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