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Mac 101: Securing your passwords after the Gawker breach

Thanks to questionable security practices at Gawker Media (publishing parent of many high-profile websites including Gizmodo and Lifehacker), a number of people are busy scrambling to change their passwords on a lot of different sites today. Gawker stored encrypted passwords on its servers instead o...

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Schiller answering questions on Twitter

Last week, we reported that Apple's Phil Schiller has gotten a verified account on Twitter, and since then, his popularity on the short form social networking service has apparently skyrocketed. Rather than just retreat to the shadows, he's stepping up into the limelight, sharing insights and answe...

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Game Center gets a new look

Mobile Crunch has posted a few pictures of Apple's Game Center app (still only available to developers and therefore still under NDA), and it appears that Apple is still working on the look and feel of the app. Previously, they were going with the dark blue look you can see above on the left (thoug...

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Manage your TUAW commenter profile

We've had a few inquiries on our tip line and feedback form in the past few days about managing your TUAW commenter profile. Whenever you leave a comment on a TUAW post, an account is created for you using the name and email address that you use in the "New Readers" tab in the comment field. You wi...

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MobileMe and Dropbox, a study in opposites

I have been using 1Password to move from "less secure" to "more secure" passwords. Like many people, I got into the bad habit of reusing a (relatively weak) password - let's call it "pa$$word" - on many different sites. I recently made a "New Smart Folder" in 1Password tasked with finding any site...

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TUAW review and giveaway: KeyGrinder for iPhone. It's PwdHash in an app

Have you ever heard of PwdHash? It's a Stanford University security project that has been implemented in a website, browser extensions, and now an iPhone app -- KeyGrinder for iPhone. This US$0.99 application is from the same people at Massively Overrated who brought you the popular Typewar game. ...

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iTunes 9.0.3 released

iTunes 9.0.3 is out now for download on Software Update and in the usual places. The update features the option to remember your password when purchasing items in iTunes (finally!), fixes problems with Smart Playlists and podcast synching on iPod, and resolves a few bugs and issues. There's no word...

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Gobble up this deal on 1Password Pro touch

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Agile Web Solutions is giving thanks to its customers this week in the form of a free iPhone app. Previously $7.99, 1Password Pro touch [iTunes link] is completely free until December 1st. Whether or not you use the excellent Mac edition of this app, which was recently ...

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Worm rickrolls unsecured jailbroken iPhones via SSH

For the last few days, some jailbroken iPhone users have found their home screen background a little different than they remembered. A hacker, going by the name "ikee," created a worm that changes the home screen background on jailbroken iPhones whose owners failed to change the default password aft...

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Sneak Peek: 1Password 3.0 + secret beta-enabler tweak

As Christina mentioned a while ago, 1Password version 3 is on the horizon, and we've got some sneak peeks to show you. There are some great improvements to the core, but more immediately noticeable are the visual tweaks to the interface. The entire UI has been overhauled, and I'm impressed. Take a ...

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1Password 3 beta nears, TUAW readers get a chance to participate

Update: The Agile Web Solutions guys have been nice enough to extend beta invites to another 100 TUAW readers. Those that don't make it into the first round, don't worry, the guys said they will be putting you on a waiting list and accessing that over the next couple of months, so with any luck, ...

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9 things I learned from almost losing my MacBook Air

I swear, getting old is not a lot of fun. Last night, I taught a class in data security for home and small business users at our local community college. There were a lot of good questions from the community education program students, so the class ended quite late and I was still answering questi...

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TUAW First Look: 1Password touch 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

Agile Web Solutions, developer of the 1Password secure password manager for Mac, has announced the release of 1Password touch 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. The app, which is available through Friday, June 5th as a free download, is much improved over the previous versions and includes new functiona...

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Mobile Me debuts large file sharing with iDisk

Apple yesterday announced a new addition to Mobile Me: The ability to share large files with others via iDisk. One of our readers had noticed an announcement about it way back on New Year's Day. The service works much like YouSendIt, though rather than uploading a file, you point to an existing f...

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Mac 101: 7 tips for Data Privacy Day 2009

Today is Data Privacy Day, a global initiative to highlight information security rights and practices, especially among teens, professionals, corporations, and the government. As part of the celebration, TUAW (along with our sister blog Download Squad) has seven good ideas for you about how to keep...

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