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Tag: patentinfringement

A quick summary of Apple v Samsung jury instructions

Apple and Samsung presented their closing arguments earlier this and now the trial of the century is in the hands of the jury. Before deliberations began, Judge Lucy Koh spent a portion of Tuesday afternoon going over 100+ pages of instructions with the jury. We don't have to endure this tediou...

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Apple - Samsung 'peace talks' go nowhere; jury starts deliberating tomorrow

Yesterday TUAW reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung chief Kwon Oh Hyun were going to have a phone conversation to fulfill a request from Judge Lucy Koh and hopefully make some headway in their patent dispute. Well, they gave peace a chance, and AllThingsD reports that unfortunately the ...

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Apple and Samsung CEOs in last-minute peace talks

Out of respect to Judge Lucy Koh's request last week that the CEOs of Apple and Samsung try to make peace before their trial goes to a jury, Apple's Tim Cook and Samsung's Kwon Oh Hyun will have a last-chance phone call today, according to Bloomberg. The results of that phone call are to be r...

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Apple rests its case in Samsung trial

After all of the disclosures, testimony, and legal maneuvering of the last several weeks, Apple rested its case in the patent infringement case against Samsung. Apple's last stand wasn't exactly without drama. Three of the Samsung phones that Apple had said were infringing on design patents -...

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Judge denies Apple's request for dismissal after Samsung evidence leak

Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple's request for a judgment that would hand the company a victory in its patent infringement case with Samsung, according to Electronista. Apple made the request after Samsung deliberately defied Judge Koh's order by releasing excluded documents to the media. These docu...

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Deposition reveals iPhone prototype with curved glass

Among the many images of iPhone, iPad and iPod prototypes being used by Apple in its patent infringement case against Samsung, one stands out as something completely different from any other device we've seen -- an iPhone prototype with curved glass on the front and back. Network World's iOnA...

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HTC removes patent in case against Apple

The Apple-Samsung case is now in the courtroom, and things are starting to shape up for next month's HTC versus Apple showdown. The company filed a motion to the International Trade Commission to withdraw a specific patent for a "circuit and operating method for integrated interface of PDA and ...

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Apple/Samsung suit begins today

The big patent infringement trial between Apple and Samsung kicks off today in a California court, as noted by The New York Times. With infringement claims pending against both companies, there's a lot at stake. As pointed out by Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune's Apple 2.0, the trial can be su...

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Apple, Samsung bickering over where to sit in court

The bickering between Samsung and Apple just won't stop. The latest report from AllThingsD suggests Samsung is even arguing over where it will sit and what the two companies will be called during the trial. Striving to get every advantage it can, Samsung is asking the court to call both compani...

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Apple and Google appealing dismissal of Apple versus Motorola lawsuit

Back in June, TUAW reported on the dismissal of reciprocal lawsuits brought by Apple and Motorola Mobility -- now part of Google -- against each other. At the time, it was stated that "both companies apparently failed to adequately demonstrate that injunctive relief would be appropriate, nor di...

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HTC files two counterclaims against Apple in Florida

Today's exciting patent infringement news of the day comes courtesy of Computerworld, which reports that HTC -- which is being sued for patent infringement by Apple along with Motorola Mobility -- filed a counterclaim yesterday before a court in Florida. In its filing, HTC said that it had be...

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Nexus 7's Smart Cover-like magnetic sensors

Google's Nexus 7 tablet appears to have a feature that isn't showing up in any of the official specs. Over on YouTube, user wwscoggin showed off an experiment in which he used a magnet to discover a sensor that puts the display to sleep. Does this sound familiar? Yes, it's a function that has b...

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Noise Free Wireless creating a lot of noise over alleged Apple infringement

When you're the big target, it seems like everyone is shooting at you. Apple is now being sued by a Silicon Valley company by the name of Noise Free Wireless over alleged infringement of a patent for mobile phone noise-reduction technology. Noise Free Wireless says that the company first show...

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Samsung will seek compensation from Apple following 3G patent ruling

Samsung will seek damages from Apple after a ruling yesterday in The Hague stating that Apple had infringed on a 3G patent. The Dutch court ruled in favor of Samsung, stating that Apple must pay compensation for infringing European patent EP1188269. Previously, Samsung had unsuccessfully atte...

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Kodak loses ruling in patent fight with Apple

Struggling camera and film pioneer Kodak is going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While it deals with angry creditors, the company is also juggling a legal battle with Apple over the rights to several patents in its patent portfolio. According to Bloomberg, Kodak recently was handed a setback in...

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