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Tag: patently apple

iPad patent suggests landscape dock connector ... again

We've heard about this before, but a new patent illustration hints again at a second dock in a future version of the iPad, one that will enable you to both charge and sync your iPad from a landscape setup. Honestly, it seems a little redundant to have two dock connectors on there, since you'll neve...

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New Apple patents for iPhone, wide trackpad, Final Cut Pro, and Apple Mail

Patently Apple's got a whole slew of new patent applications from Cupertino today. First up are the actual product designs of the original iPhone and the second-gen iPod shuffle. Apple's moved on from both of these designs to newer and better things, but they're putting the patents in anyway, just ...

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Apple considering MagSafe charger on iPad

Here's something to get your mind wondering this Monday afternoon. Patently Apple is reporting that Apple may be considering integrating the MagSafe Power Port to its portable products, like the iPad. The continuation patent, published on October 7th 2010 by the US Patent and Trademark Office, c...

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Patents hint at iMac Touch and touchscreen MacBooks

With the sweet glass-fronted, LED-backed displays on the newer MacBooks, Apple seemed a step closer to giving us touchscreen displays beyond the current ultra-portable devices. Patently Apple has recently unearthed a couple of Apple patent filings that seem to point in that direction, not just for ...

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Apple patent details workflows, social networking links for iPhone

When we're working with our iPhones and sharing information with other people, it sometimes takes more steps than it should to perform a task. Patently Apple recently published information about an Apple patent application describing a new icon and process to make multi-step workflows easier to acc...

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Apple's patent for Concert Ticket+ could change your concert experience

We know that Apple has a propensity for patenting anything that moves, and most of them don't see the light of day. But Patently Apple has written, in copious detail, about a very interesting one called Concert Ticket+. I would bet money on the likelihood of this one becoming a reality. It all star...

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Sixteen new Apple patents, from CoverFlow to iDVD

The USPTO published a whole slew of new patent applications from Apple today, covering everything from iChat to some CoverFlow animation. Patently Apple has the whole writeup as usual. Probably the most interesting thing among them is a "virtual keyboard for media players" that uses a modified QWER...

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