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iPhone keynote video used to invalidate patent in Germany

The Federal Patent Court of Germany has determined that Apple's patent for a "Portable electronic device for photo management" is invalid due to the fact that Steve Jobs himself showed off the feature months before the patent was filed. The portion of the patent that has become an issue has to dea...

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Apple FaceTime fix may not be working out for some unhappy users

It seemed minor at the time, but last year's loss by Apple of a patent suit from VirnetX may have cascaded into some serious problems for the FaceTime service. Apple could have faced continuing royalty payments in the millions of dollars per month to license the VirnetX patents. In a workaround, Ap...

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Apple is now the undisputed No. 1 victim of all patent trolling

When you're one of the world's most valuable companies, it's not hard to find people hoping to lift a few bucks from your coffers by whatever means they can. And when it comes to patent trolling, the top target of patent trolls is none other than Apple, according to international law firm Winston ...

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Apple patents stealthy hinge technology, dreams up possible uses

Everyone loves mysterious patents, and Apple's newly acquired rights to "Interlocking Flexible Segments Formed From A Rigid Material" is most certainly strange enough to qualify. As the patent's summary puts it, "The method includes providing a substantially rigid material, such as, but not limite...

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Samsung infringed two Apple patents, says US ITC

As mentioned earlier, it's a triple witching day for Apple's legal and intellectual property teams, with multiple decisions expected. The US ITC ruling on Apple's patent case against Samsung, where Apple had claimed infringement of multiple patents, has arrived: the commission found that the Korea...

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Today is a big day of legal wrangling for Apple

The LA Times has a good breakdown of what's happening today. Today, Apple has three coincidental rulings set to happen. The first is with the ITC, the same group who handed Apple a loss to Samsung, which was then vetoed by the president (something that hasn't happened in decades). In this case, th...

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USPTO issues another rejection to Apple's pinch to zoom patent

Apple's had another 'pinch' from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office over its pinch-to-zoom feature. According to Foss Patents, The Patent Office has rejected all claims Apple made on behalf of its pinch-to zoom-API patent. Samsung, which has been pressing that the patent be thrown out, says it h...

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Apple awarded dual-sensor patent, could translate to better mobile photos

Today, Apple was awarded a patent for a dual-sensor imaging system that could find its way into new iterations of the iPhone, iPod or even MacBook sometime down the road. As AppleInsider reports, the patent, titled "Dual image sensor image processing system and method," details a system consisting...

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Apple taking ownership of patents acquired from Kodak

Last year, a group of 12 licensees bid on 1,100 digital photography patents that were being sold by Kodak as part of bankruptcy proceedings. Although the venerable photography company was hopeful that the sale would be enough to help it restructure, the portfolio sold for only US$525 million to th...

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Apple licenses 'worthless' Palm patents

Japanese blog Macotakara has uncovered documents published on Access (formerly PalmSource) that show Apple has licensed US$10 million worth of patents from a number of former technology companies, including the now defunct Palm. Interestingly, as 9to5Mac points out, Steve Jobs once told then Palm ...

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Apple files patent for app access on lockscreen

Apple has filed a patent for something I would love to see implemented in a future iOS update: Quick access to certain apps directly from the iPhone's lockscreen. Patently Apple says that the patent application outlines a system of rotating the "slide to unlock" slider on iOS' lockscreen upward...

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Judge Koh reduces damages in Apple v. Samsung case by $450 million, orders new trial

There's been a significant development in the court case that saw Apple awarded US$1.05 billion in damages last August. According to The Recorder, Judge Lucy Koh has ordered that the amount Samsung must pay Apple be reduced by $450 million, or almost 40 percent, and that a new trial be held to ...

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iBook Lessons: Could Amazon create a used e-book market?

iBook Lessons is a continuing series about e-book writing and publishing. This Slashgear writeup about a newly awarded Amazon patent just caught our eyes here at TUAW Central. Apparently, Amazon may be exploring an online used digital goods market. Amazon proposes to establish an "electroni...

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Apple scores trademark for store design

Given that Apple is well-known for its iconic, glass-heavy store designs, the fact that the company has been attempting to trademark its look shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Now, Mashable reports that as we approach the three-year anniversary of Apple's attempt to trademark the design, th...

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Judge approves Kodak patent sale to consortium led by Apple, Google

On Friday a judge approved the sale of 1,100 Kodak patents to a consortium led by Apple, Google, and Microsoft. The patent portfolio sold for US$525 million, well below Kodak's hope to get up to $2 billion for the patents. The once all-powerful photography company Kodak is going through bankrup...

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