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xScope, Fantastical, more available for just $10 in new MacHeist bundle

The latest bundle from MacHeist has just gone live, and it's a good one. There are six apps in the bundle, and they're a steal at a price of just US$9.99: You'll get the great xScope measuring tools for designers, Fantastical's excellent calendar app, Boinx's stupendous iStopMotion, tutorial-ma...

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Mac power tools: charge up your workflow

I recently bought a new Mac, and I decided not to migrate years of cruft over to a pristine Snow Leopard install. I also decided to shed years of stale workflow and adopt a new way of doing things. Enter the power tools: software that augments the power and performance of OS X to do things faster a...

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Path Finder 5.0 is available, more file-management power

Cocoatech's Path Finder is the Mac OS Finder replacement that many users love (including us). If you haven't used it, you are missing out on something. A tabbed interface, insane customization options, powerful search (you can completely override Spotlight if you like) and so much more will have you...

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Path Finder 4.8.2 can now replace the Finder, supports Quick Look

The guys over at Cocoatech have released an update to their excellent Finder replacement Path Finder that adds a couple of absolute gem features in Leopard. First, Path Finder now supports the brilliant Quick Look feature. Better yet, Path Finder now integrates with the OS in that it can now interce...

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Path Finder 4.8 released

We mentioned last week that some long hoped-for features were coming to Path Finder 4.8, including per-folder settings allowing you to specify differing viewing options on a folder by folder basis. Today Cocoatech officially released the upgrade. As expected the changelog is headed by the per-folder...

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Path Finder 4.8 to bring per-folder settings

Over at the Cocoatech blog they've announced that the forthcoming version 4.8 of Path Finder will finally have one of the most long-requested features: per-folder settings. Basically what this means is that Path Finder will remember particular view settings (e.g. icon, list, column, etc.) for differ...

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Path Finder 4.7 is available

Don't feel glum that you can't use Leopard's new Finder for another four months, just download Path Finder! Pathfinder is the Finder replacement for Mac OS X that has earned many fans. It's a dream for power users, as it greatly enhances the amount of information available about your files, customiz...

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Ask TUAW: The Finder, iTunes Artwork, and More

It's Wednesday and that means it's time yet again for Ask TUAW, our weekly Q&A column. This week we'll be tackling questions about the Finder, finding tracks without artwork in iTunes, changing iPhoto file names, and more. As always, readers are most welcome to offer their own thoughts and comme...

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10 Mac OS X Finder alternatives compared and reviewed

While the Mac community anxiously awaits a much-rumored and much-needed Finder update in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Simplehelp decided to survey the landscape of 3rd party alternatives for a temporary fix. A total of 10 Finder replacements are reviewed, with a chart that rounds up the basics, and plenty...

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FileBrowse - a media browser companion for Finder

Romain Guy at The Apple Blog has penned a nice walkthrough of an interesting new app called FileBrowse, which acts as more of a streamlined tool for media file browsing and manipulating tasks, as opposed to a full-fledged Finder replacement (cuz we all know how well that's going). FileBrowse makes ...

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Why Path Finder 4 is Tiger only

We've mentioned Path Finder, the full featured Finder alternative from Cocoatech, a number of times here on TUAW. I am sure there are a few of you that were upset because the latest version of Path Finder only works with OS X 10.4. The MacDevCenter sat down with Steve Gehrman and Neil Lee, the men b...

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Path Finder 4.1 released with Universal Binary, other enhancements

Path Finder, the powerful file browser/manager (pseudo-Finder) from Cocoatech, has been updated to version 4.1. Along with Universal Binary status and the typical round of bug fixes, this update also includes: Improved Go To Folder with autocomplete Smart Folders – Path Finder can now r...

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Path Finder goes universal

Path Finder, everyone's favorite Mac file browser on steroids, went universal today with the release of version 4.02. Other changes include: A new crash reporter Plugged memory leaks (yay) Fixed an issue where you could accidentally arrow into the preview column and not get out Transparenc...

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7 things Merlin Mann likes about Path Finder

When I posted about Path Finder 4 the other day lots of folks wondered if we needed yet another Finder replacement. Being the lazy blogger that I am I waited from someone else to write a post about that so I could point to it, and Merlin Mann (who I almost met at Macworld) of 43 Folders fame, was ki...

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Path Finder 4.0 released

We've been waiting awhile for the new version of Path Finder to come out, and now the wait is over. Path Finder 4 is available for download right now, and it is chock full of new features and sporting a new icon. A full license costs $34.95 and upgrades cost $17.95, though if you bought Path Finder ...

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