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.DS_Store files begone

Judging by the reaction to my MS Remote Desktop Client post, it is safe to assume I am not the only Mac user working in a Windows dominated office (nor am I the only one who takes care of lots of Windows machines). Therefore, extrapolating a little bit, I think I can safely say that folks who read t...

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MacBook Invisble Shield reviewed

Paul Stamatiou has a MacBook and he is concerned about the possibility of discoloration. What's a geek to do? Why, apply ShieldZone's Invisible Shield plastic protector, that's what. Paul says that applying the shield isn't easy, but it isn't hard either (how's that for a review?) though an extra se...

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Productivity on OS X

Paul Stamatiou is more productive on a Mac. Why? The combination of Exposé, Quicksilver, and Spotlight. These three things taken together really make the Mac a powerhouse of productivity (and I should know since I use the very same tools, though I tend not to need Spotlight that much. I'm jus...

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