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Examining an iTunes Store account hack

ZDNet has a long report on a recently hacked iTunes account that involved a linked PayPal account. We've seen an increase in the number of hacked iTunes accounts in which people's gift card balance or linked accounts have been mysteriously drained. This report, like many others, leaves us wonderin...

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AllThingsD looks at Paypal's new payments app

AllThingsD reporter Lauren Goode spent some time shopping with both Pay with Square and PayPal's new mobile payment app. The two solutions are one of several up-and-coming mobile payment platforms competing for your virtual wallet. Overall, Goode concluded that paying with the PayPal app was ...

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PayPal unveils Square competitor 'PayPal Here'

Small businesses that are using PayPal to process credit cards but considering the Square service are in luck -- PayPal today unveiled a competitor to Square called "PayPal Here". Like Square, the new service comes with a free card reader dongle. In this case, the card reader has been designed wi...

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PayPal may go after Square's mobile payments

PayPal is planning to take on Square with a new payment processing dongle, says a report from GigaOM. The dongle will supposedly tie into PayPal's already robust payment processing system and will be targeted towards small businesses. Smaller companies would be able to use this system to process c...

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PayPal reportedly overcharging some customers for OS X Lion

OS X Lion is only supposed to cost US$29.99 to install on any Macs associated with your iTunes account. Some Lion buyers who purchased it through PayPal are seeing charges way higher than thirty bucks, however. Multiple users have reported the issue on Apple's support forums, and Lion buyer John C...

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iTunes fraud surge hits gift card balances, PayPal accounts

The frustration and questions surrounding iTunes App Store purchase fraud are (unfortunately) continuing. Over the past three weeks, we've received several first-hand reports of accounts with positive gift card balances being unexpectedly drained; often the charges are for in-app purchases for app...

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Bank app lets you pay bills with iPhone camera

Danske Bank just made it easier to spend money. Banking customers can now pay bills with nothing more than a photo and a tap, boosting the convenience of online payments. Danske Bank's official app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Once installed, users simply launch...

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PayPal app has huge security flaw, update rushed to Apple

You'd think by now we'd all be wary of open WiFi networks, and luckily that's the only way this could affect you, but if you use the PayPal app on an open network the Wall Street Journal is reporting a hacker could potentially nab your user account. According to the story, the app doesn't verify you...

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Thousands stolen through iTunes/Paypal scam

The BBC reports that a web scam is affecting a number of iTunes accounts that are linked to PayPal. Amounts ranging up to $4,700 were reported on Twitter and through Techcrunch as being stolen. All signs point to users falling for an online scam known as phishing. People will get e-mails that loo...

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Apperang pays users for app installs

The App Store is a busy place -- there are lots and lots of apps out there, and almost all of them need attention. Some developers are apparently willing to pay for that attention, so enter Apperang, a new service that purports to pay users to install certain apps on their iPhones. MobileCrunch has ...

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Paypal app goes 2.0, adds Bump integration

Never before in human history have there been so many ways to part with your hard-earned cash. The spotlight might be on credit card acceptance tools from Square & Verisign, or the beta Venmo service's SMS-based trust network -- still, don't forget about the cagey veteran. Paypal is 12 years old...

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Credit card terminals for iPhone

It's no secret that the iPhone is much more than just a smartphone. Apple has even started giving iPhones to Apple Store Concierge employees to schedule appointments and manage the store. The ability to complete mobile transactions with credit card terminals is a great use of the iPhone for employ...

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First Look: Transactions for iPhone

First they wowed us with Handshake for iPhone, now the same developers are back at it again with Transactions [iTunes link] for iPhone. Transactions gives you the ability to charge a credit card from anywhere! This application is excellent for small business owners who need to process credit cards ...

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PayPal says it won't block Safari

There's been some talk about PayPal blocking Safari from using its services, and I'm among those concerned about it... even if only from a convenience standpoint. Originally the news was gleaned from statements by PayPal Chief Information Security Officer Michael Barrett regarding browsers without p...

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PayPal excludes Safari from "Safer Browsers"

I've seen some very convincing PayPal phishing sites in recent years. I've also worried many times that friends and relatives less savvy in the ways of the phisher may inadvertently hand off a password or two and blame me – the one who talked them into a PayPal account to begin with – fo...

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