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Toshiba builds 100GB iPod-sized Disk Drive

PC World reports that Toshiba has developed a 1.8-inch 100GB hard drive, suitable for use in portable music devices. Adding a 25% jump over current storage, the new drive is sized perfectly to fit into iPods. Production should begin next month and the drive itself will be shown at the January Consum...

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Apple II tops PC World's top 25 all-time computers

The IBM PC turned 25 last Friday, so to commemorate the history of the personal computer, PC World put together a list of the Top 25 PCs of All Time - with the Apple II (1997) topping the list at #1. It's quite an interesting list comprised of machines both old and new, with Apple computers also tak...

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5 Apple products make PCWorld's 100 Best Products of the Year

PCWorld just named a few Apple products in their '25 worst tech products of all time,' however, they have named more of them to the '100 Best Products of the Year.' Which Apple products made the cut? I'm glad you asked: iPod Nano (#4) Boot Camp (#10) Mac Mini (#35) iPod (#36) iTunes (#43...

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The MacBook as a Windows Machine

Sure, you can blog, podcast, and use iLife on your MacBook, but you know you want to install Windows on it (don't deny it!). Harry McCracken, of PC World, takes a look at the MacBook as a Windows machine and he likes it. True, he is a Mac person at heart but the MacBook plus Boot Camp equals nirvan...

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The love/hate relationship with Apple

You probably wouldn't be reading this if you did't enjoy working on your Apple computer. Now ask yourself, "why?" The answers are as varied as the users. Now ask yourself what really irks you about working on your Mac, or Apple as a company... Again, we've all got something that grinds our gears,fo...

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PC World welcomes Apple to their charts

In a move that's causing many to check out their window to see if the sky is falling, PC World has laid out a welcome mat for Apple's hardware into their Top Power PCs testing charts, thanks to Boot Camp. So far, no Macs have made the charts due to some policy quirks (they typically only test stock ...

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