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Readdle previews Remarks iPad app at Macworld iWorld 2012

During Macworld | iWorld 2012 last week, I had the opportunity to meet with Denys Zhadanov of Readdle. If you're not familiar with Readdle's products, you might be new to the iOS world. The company has been around for four years and has sold over 3.5 million iOS apps, most of them used for reading...

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Doxie Go mobile scanner cuts the wires, sort of... (Updated)

Apparent Corporations Doxie scanner has been a hit since it arrived a few years back. It's small, lightweight, and pretty well perfect for mobile use. So when I heard that the company had come out with a new scanner called Doxie Go ($199) that allegedly removes the need to have a computer aro...

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Daily Mac App: Gelatin

Some tasks need a really simple, straightforward, no-nonsense app to get the job done. Combining PDF files is one of those tasks, and Gelatin is the app to do it. Preview can do a similar thing, but it's certainly not as straightforward as Gelatin. The app offers a window to drag-and-drop the...

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Sign legal documents with your finger, your iPad and Softsign

Did you ever think of your finger as a legal signing tool? Softsign for iPad (free for a limited time) offers a PDF annotation tool for iOS that allows you to sign legal documents via a touch screen. Developer Tom Hodgson points out that a variety of laws implemented more than a decade ago made...

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Adobe releases Adobe Reader for iOS

iOS owners have another way to view PDFs files on their devices now that Adobe has released its popular Reader app for iOS. Adobe Reader for iOS lets you open a PDF from any app that supports "Open in," including mobile Safari and iOS email. It'll let you open password-protected files and view ...

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Apple updates malware definitions to address PDF trojan

According to MacRumors, Apple has updated its malware definitions to address a PDF trojan that gained widespread attention last week. While reports indicated that the trojan's damage was limited to installing a backdoor in users' systems, Apple has moved relatively quickly to address the threat...

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F-Secure reports Mac trojan poses as PDF

Security firm F-Secure has unearthed a troubling trojan for Macs that hides itself as a PDF, only waiting until the file is opened up and displaying some Chinese characters before it dives into your Mac's hard drive and sets up a backdoor control. Currently, according to F-Secure, the backdoor ...

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Daily iPad App: PDF Expert

We've covered PDF Expert a bit before, but this week they rolled out a 3.0 update that greatly enhances the functionality in the app. When the iPad debuted, one of the first apps to rocket to the top of the charts was GoodReader, and with good reason: it was a better PDF reader than Apple's bui...

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Adobe releases a PDF creator for iOS

Given the history between Adobe and Apple, this might be kind of surprising, but it happened anyway. Adobe has released an app for iPhone and iPad called CreatePDF that allows you to make and edit your own PDF files, right on iOS. The app can be used to open up any number of document formats, a...

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Video App Demo: PDF Expert

In a world where there are plenty of PDF tools, PDF Expert distinguishes itself with a few key features. I've been a fan of Readdle's past products, and PDF Expert aims to give you a truly universal tool for dealing with PDFs, whether you are a student, educator, lawyer, doctor or anyone dealing w...

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TUAW's Daily iPad App: PDF Converter

It's not often that we can make a product announcement and also have it be a Daily App, but that's the case with Readdle's newest iPad app, PDF Converter (US$6.99). PDF Converter adds a tremendous amount of power to your iPad; it makes it possible to save almost any content on your iPad as a PD...

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Apple to patch PDF vulnerability in iOS

Apple said it will issue a patch that will close a PDF hole in iOS. Though this security hole is well known by iOS owners, it made headlines recently when the German government issued a malware warning about this "critical weakness" in Apple's iOS operating system. As it has done in the past wi...

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Paragraft gets iOS Markdown editing right

I just discovered Paragraft, a text editor for iPad and iPhone that boasts some ingenious Markdown features (if I've lost you already, check out the TUAW Markdown Primer for a crash course). The good parts of Paragraft blew me away enough that I'm able to overlook an ugly icon and some bad inte...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: PDF Signer

These days almost all forms are distributed online as PDFs. However, when you need to sign one, you normally need to print it and scan it back in for an email, or even worse, use a fax. Luckily, there are apps for that. PDF Signer allows you to fill out and sign PDF forms. You can enter text ...

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Possible fix for font issues in 10.6.7

Late last month, a troubling font issue came to light after Apple rolled out version 10.6.7 of Mac OS X. The update appeared to cause problems with the printing and PDF handling of OpenType PostScript fonts. Apple has not officially acknowledged the problem, but a growing thread on Apple's disc...

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