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AppGratis petition gathers hundreds of thousands of supporters

Last week, TUAW ran several stories about app-discovery and deals app AppGratis being pulled from the iOS App Store for alleged violations of Apple's developer guidelines. Now the developer is gathering online signatures to a petition in hopes that they can sway Apple to reconsider its ban of A...

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Protesters claim credit for Apple's January announcement of FLA inspections

Protest groups and recently delivered boxes containing 250,000 petition signatures to the Grand Central Terminal Apple Store, demanding that Apple investigate and improve worker conditions in Chinese factories. Now that inspections have begun, those same groups are claiming v...

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Apple Store employees accept petitions from protesters

Slightly over a dozen protesters from and SumofUS delivered a petition signed by more than 250,000 people to the Grand Central Terminal Apple Store today. Both organizations are urging Apple to improve working conditions at factories run by its overseas suppliers, particularly Foxconn's...

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Apple withdraws iTunes from 'Christian Values Network'

Techland reports that Apple has pulled iTunes off of the "Christian Values Network." The network operates an online shopping portal,, which "plugs you into a special online shopping network that helps your chosen organization just by shopping, without adding any additional cost to you" acc...

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Apple's infrared 'camera kill switch' patent application hits a nerve

Picture this: You're out for a stroll on the streets of Vancouver when suddenly you find yourself caught up in a depressed mob of hockey fans. Riot police are striking a young man with their batons near a squad car. You pull out your iPhone to capture a video of this seeming abuse of force -- only...

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Found Footage: iPhone Consumer Revolt (NSFW)

Forget about everything else. The cool consumer rage is currently directed at AT&T. Pat Lee, a Chicago iPhone user, is asking the iPhone community to petition Apple to drop AT&T exclusivity. In this biting 30-second video, Lee suggests that disgruntled users voice their displeasure about "l...

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iPod touch owners rally to get new apps for free

When Steve Jobs announced five new apps for the iPod Touch yesterday, people were ecstatic -- for about ten seconds. Once he mentioned the upgrade would cost current iPod touch owners $20 (they're included on all new units), most of the comments from participants following the keynote in TUAW's IRC ...

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UK residents petition BBC to make new on-demand TV service cross-platform

This one goes out to all the UK TUAW readers in the audience: apparently, the BBC is planning to launch a smashing new on-demand, online TV service. Everything sounds super-duper until the minor detail of being Windows-only. This of course ruffles more than a few feathers, especially since the BBC p...

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Viral .Mac feedback - copy and paste this, let's make Apple listen

We've all seen the complaints about .Mac from every corner of the internets. Our own Dave Caolo posted a fantastic editorial covering .Mac's slow death, but he isn't the only one tossing a vote into the hat. One only needs to browse the digg archives to find plenty of posts from dissatisfied mom and...

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