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AppleCare rep tells Ed Bott Mac malware reports are up

An anonymous AppleCare support representative spoke to ZDNet's Ed Bott over the weekend, telling the reporter that complaints about malware infections on the Mac increased significantly in the first half of May. "This last week over 50% of our calls have been about [malware]," said the AppleCare s...

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Protect your browser from "tabnabbing"

Have you heard about "Tabnabbing"? It is the term for a new kind of attack, which can be summarized as grabbing a Web browser tab when you aren't looking and making it appear as another site. Aza Raskin, lead designer for Firefox, created a page that illustrates this. If you click on that link and t...

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Apple posts articles to help protect MobileMe members against 'phishing' schemes

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we warned you that there were a bunch of phony Apple emails being sent to MobileMe subscribers designed to trick them into giving up their credit card info. Now, Apple has published a couple of Knowledge Base articles designed to help you if you get some mai...

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Phishing schemes targeting MobileMe users again

Be very careful if you get an email from Apple telling you they need to re-check your credit card information. One of our readers got just such an email, and he didn't fall for it. This particular rip-off comes from an '' domain, which has nothing to do with Apple. They'll be glad ...

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iPhone OS 3.1 anti-phishing works; you just need to set it up properly

Remember hearing that one of the new features of iPhone OS 3.1 was an anti-phishing capability for Safari? Jim Dalrymple over at The Loop wondered if it was working properly, and asked Apple what was going on. The response? "Safari's anti-phishing database is downloaded while the user charges their ...

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Beware of MobileMe phishing scam

Several TUAW readers have contacted us about a MobileMe phishing scam. These readers are getting an email that looks surprisingly official (see below). When they click on the Log In button, they're going to a page that has already been shut down. That might not always be the case. Never, never, NE...

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Better safe than sorry? Trend Micro Smart Surfing for Mac

Earlier this week, PC security app vendor Trend Micro announced a new product aimed at Mac users. Smart Surfing for Mac (US$69.95 per user per year) provides antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, and web threat protection, and also has a two-way firewall built in. This, of course, brings up the ol...

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Consumer Reports pans Safari's lack of phishing protection

Consumer Reports, in its annual internet security survey, recommended that Mac users avoid Safari because of its lack of phishing protection. Instead, they recommend users install Firefox 3 or Opera 9.5 as their default browsers, since both will warn users before displaying the contents of sites kn...

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Beefing up your Phishing net

Phishers -- in their sinister attempts to bilk you out of your time, money, and personal information with bogus emails -- are becoming more and more clever. Luckily, with a little critical thinking and up-to-date software, you can keep yourself safe. Typically, to avoid falling victim to phishing, ...

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Phishers targeting iTunes users

Macworld is reporting that phishers are using the iTunes Store as a way to get personal information, using emails similar to those that purport to be from banks or auction sites. Andrew Lochart, from security company Proofpoint, Inc., says the emails indicate that users must correct a problem with ...

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1Password updated with anti-phishing support

It's been six months between major upgrades to browser credentials manager and all-around swell pal 1Password, and the Agile team has not been napping; the new version 2.6 offers anti-phishing tech courtesy of integration with, compatibility with SSB fave Fluid, and a more streamlined...

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PayPal says it won't block Safari

There's been some talk about PayPal blocking Safari from using its services, and I'm among those concerned about it... even if only from a convenience standpoint. Originally the news was gleaned from statements by PayPal Chief Information Security Officer Michael Barrett regarding browsers without p...

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PayPal excludes Safari from "Safer Browsers"

I've seen some very convincing PayPal phishing sites in recent years. I've also worried many times that friends and relatives less savvy in the ways of the phisher may inadvertently hand off a password or two and blame me – the one who talked them into a PayPal account to begin with – fo...

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Does QuickTime pose a security risk?

The whole QuickTime/MySpace security hole that was discussed this week on TUAW has given rise to a general concern about QuickTime's vulnerabilities. The QuickTime bug apparently allowed a worm to infect MySpace user profiles and redirected traffic to a phishing site, where passwords were harvested...

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1Passwd - password/form manager lets Firefox use the Keychain

*Oh snap!* Agile Web Solutions has created a password and form manager extension for both Safari and Firefox that fixes one of my biggest gripes about Mozilla's flagship browser: it can store website passwords in Mac OS X's Keychain Access application. For those who haven't stumbled upon the wonders...

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