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Well, that's one way to make an iWatch

I'm not 100% sure, but this doesn't seem super comfortable. Just a guess, really. Also, I think that Livestrong band is cutting off circulation to the hand. [Photo credit: Gletham]...

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The 80s Apple desk you used to dream of

If you were an Apple fan in the 80s, a desk this chock-full of Apple gear would probably have made you swoon. In fact, it still might. According to the photo's description, the shot contains the following: Mac SE Apple IIgs w/20meg Apple-Sider hard drive Apple II+ with dual disk drives BOCA...

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A precarious perch

On the list of "Places I wouldn't want to use my Apple notebook" this would be near the top. Maybe I'm just not brave enough to handle it. Have you ever used your MacBook (or PowerBook) next to a large quantity of water? [Photo credit: Ondra Soukup]...

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A very Apple office

"I looked around my office and realized I have a few 'books from Apple," reads Christian M. M. Brady's photo caption for the snapshot above. "A few" is an understatement, and bonus points for the trio of retro Apple desktop bookends on the shelves. [Photo credit: Christian M. M. Brady]...

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An iPad execution

I have no idea why this poor Apple tablet was fired upon, what its crimes were, or who decided it needed to meet its end at the end of a gun barrel. The photo has no description, making the mystery even more... mysterious? Anyway, the iPad seems to have managed to stop the small-caliber round in...

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How many stickers is too many?

We ran a poll back in April asking how you feel about stickers on your MacBook. Not surprisingly, a whopping 41% of you said you'd never consider such a thing, while just 19% embraced the practice enthusiastically. But how much is too much? I have a feeling that the MacBook Pro pictured above...

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Posing by Steve's whip

The peculiar parking habits of Steve Jobs are quite legendary. Seeing his license-plate-free Mercedes parked in the handicapped stall of Apple HQ was a seemingly regular occurrence. So much so, in fact, that visitors treated it as a photo op. Anywhere else in the world, taking a photo next to a...

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A Mac SE becomes a store sign

This is some fantastically creative use of an old Mac that still has some life left. Bonus points for using it at what appears to be a retro clothes shop, since the Mac SE is a bit of an antique in its own right. I wonder if the Mac is for sale too? [Photo credit: Maduarte]...

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Inconsiderate iMac disposal

Apparently these poor, defenseless iMacs were just chucked into a snowy ditch when they had outlived their usefulness. That's a horrible end to an otherwise colorful life. Shame on whoever did this, and may you forever be cursed with dropped calls and Safari crashes. [Photo: Jason Matthews]...

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The iLamp G4

This is seriously one of the most creative uses of old Mac components that I've ever seen. I'm not sure a high-temp bulb next to that white plastic is a great idea, but I suppose if it melts that's just part of its charm. [Photo credit: Photo Giddy]...

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Now this is a sexy Mac desk

That's one fantastic setup. I especially like the dual vertical monitors for social media and communications programs, though they would probably keep me from getting any work done during the day. [Photo credit: Saebaryo]...

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The iPod Amnesty Bin

Apparently these were placed within the entryway of Zune headquarters, according to man who snapped the photo, Rex Sorgatz. Not too full, I see. Maybe that's why the Zune line of media players crashed and burned. [Photo credit: Rex Sorgatz]...

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Overly attached iPod

‚Äč I understand how you feel, iPod, but I think I'd prefer to just be friends for now. I hope you understand. [Photo credit: Jeff]...

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The 100% organic iPod

We've all heard the stories about Apple going green, but this is taking things a little bit too far. [Photo credit: absoluv]...

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Well that's just about the most horrifying iPod I've ever seen

This frightening photo was created as part of a weekly photography challenge. The theme was "Metaphors," and this one is "iPod Killer," though it looks more like a killer iPod. [Photo credit: Richard West]...

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