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Tag: photoediting

Photo Sense is a clever image editor for Mac and iOS

Most of us are acquiring loads of images on our computers and iOS devices. Many are pretty dull, spur-of-the moment photos that are taken and forgotten. Photo Sense (US$33.99) is a nifty, automated photo editing app for OS X that can bring forgotten photos back to life. It's great for those tha...

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CollageIt lets you create and edit photos to share

I've seen a fair collection of collage apps for iOS and CollageIt is a nice free app that does something few of the other apps bother with: letting you edit photos within the app itself. Most require you to finish the photos in another app and then create the collage. This little app gives you ...

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GoodTimes for Mac lets you create sophisticated photo collages

Update: The GoodTimes app is actually normally priced at $19.99, but was on sale during the holidays for $9.99. Our apologies for the mixup. GoodTimes is a US$40 OS X app (on sale for $19.99 as of this writing) US$19.99 app that creates unique photo collages without requiring any deep computer s...

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PowerSketch for iPhone turns photos into drawings

PowerSketch is a US$0.99 app from the developers of PowerCam that takes any image and applies a variety of filters to turn the image into what looks like comic book art or a pencil drawing, and add effects like rice paper, neon and more. The app supports live preview and can operate your iPhone c...

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Camera Awesome is now iPad native

I liked Camera Awesome for iPhone (free) when I tested it last spring. It's a feature-rich app that helps you compose an excellent shot and then edit your image to perfection. Camera Awesome is now universal and ready for the iPad. If you already have the iPhone version, look for it to show up ...

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Google acquires iOS photo app Snapseed

Snapseed is a popular iOS photography app around here at TUAW -- not only have we spotlighted it a few different times, but the app also won a coveted Apple Design Award back in 2011. And now here's news that Google appreciates the app as well: The ad and search giant has acquired the developer...

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Blinq Photo will save and share your images

Blinq Photo lets you access, share and edit photos on a home computer remotely. Its purpose is to provide users with a free solution for creating and sharing photos and albums. I found it to be simple and effective and requires very little fuss. Let me walk you through the process of getting Bl...

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Color Splash Studio has been scaled down for iOS

I liked Color Splash Studio when I reviewed it last fall as a Mac app. Now Color Splash Studio is available for iOS devices, and it has retained the features that made it a winner. Basically, you import a color photo from your camera roll, or take one live. You set the image to black and white,...

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Process is a clever and able photo editing app for iOS

There's no shortage of photo editing apps for iOS, and I am constantly amazed at the quality and the creativity of the offerings. Process (US $2.99 universal app) has some unique features that can breathe some new life into your photos. The app features non-destructive editing, so you can apply m...

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Snapseed photo editor for iOS free today only

Snapseed is one of my very favorite photo editors for the iPhone and iPad. It's normally US$4.99, but thanks to a New Year's Eve special it's absolutely free today. Snapseed includes the usual filters and cropping and straightening tools, but also adds frames and selective adjustments. It's jus...

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Daily Mac App: Photo Police

Ever seen a photo and wondered if it is real or 'photoshopped'? Been to a dating site and wonder if the photo truly represents the person shown? Photo Police, a US$1.99 Mac app can often determine if a photo is real or fake. The app works by looking at low-bit pixel data, which can reveal if an...

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Daily iPad app: Snapseed

It's an app with a funny name, but a lot of power. Snapseed, from Nik Software, is a powerful photo editor for the iPad. You can enhance color and exposure of any photo with a single click, or just tweak your photo using a variety of powerful tools that can transform a mundane photo into somethin...

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Perfect Photo editor for iPhone is free this weekend

Perfect Photo is a photo editor for the iPhone that was easily worth the US$2 asking price, but this weekend you can grab it for free. Perfect Photo has 28 tools including red-eye removal and a capable healing brush. There are the usual cropping, saturation, sharpen and shadows tools. The sharp...

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Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 10 & Premiere Elements 10 for Mac

Today Adobe announced new versions of its consumer flagship photo and video editing applications. Photoshop Elements 10 adds new features including 100 paint and effects patterns, depth of field simulation, and the ability to find photos that contain certain objects, like your dog or a hat. Pho...

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PhotoForge2 for iPhone has many Photoshop-like features

It's amazing how many useful features are making it to iPhone apps. In particular, photo apps for the iPhone get more and more remarkable as time goes on. PhotoForge2 is a US$2.99 app that allows you to load your photos at full resolution, and it includes high-end features like layering and mas...

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